If there are no dogs in Heaven,
then when I die I want to go where they went.


In memory of ANNETTE HALL, who crossed the Rainbow Bridge and joined our many Airedales on September 4, 2003.


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On May 5, 2003, PATTY EISENBRAUN writes:

Annette is ready to go to Hospice. She has taken out her IV for hydration and has had a pump inserted in her abdomen for her upset stomach. For the first time, in literally weeks, she can now sleep through the night and even take c*t naps.

I can't remember the last time Annette was able to eat, so she gets tired very easily.

But she is still taking phone calls and has frequent visitors and has maintained her wonderful sense of humor! Bless her heart - she is such a talker and her memory is so darn good, she is making conversations with her so easy.

So we wait. She thinks she has about ten days or so. Annette keeps telling me she's a realist and is okay. The doctors did everything they could and that's it.

Yesterday when I was there, we sat and went through the mail. The cards are coming from all over and she seems overwhelmed by the fact that so many people care. She's never been one to take compliments very well, but she seems so comforted by the thoughtfulness of everyone who has taken the time to write and call.

I think it's finally sinking in that she sees that she made a difference.

I've printed out many of the emails I've received to take to her to read. I want her to know that in this Airedale community of ours, she has been a special person to so many.


On May 6, 2003, MELANIE FINDLAY writes:

I spoke with Annette this a.m. I didn't break down, which was good, and she sounded so upbeat. She is waiting for her brother to get to town, her mother is there with her. When her brother arrives she will be closing up her home and going to the Hospice, which is in Livonia, a Detroit suburb, but I didn't get an address from her. I'll get it from Patty and post it, if anyone wants to send cards. The Hospice has 16 beds and she is waiting for a bed; all the arrangements are made.

Her mother is going to take her last dog, the lab, but will be looking for a permanent home for him. All the fosters and Hoover have been placed.

Her bravery overwhelms me. She is a lady of grace. Saying goodbye to her friends, and telling us to "take care of yourself and help ATRA when you can." But to say goodbye to my dogs, oh. Oh. Oh.

It is a comfort to know, that amongst all of us, if we were the ones in need, our dogs will be much loved by someone from the lists. We have made a bigger commitment to each other than we could imagine . . . I trust that in my time of need, someone will step forward to care for my orphans the way I care for them. It takes a lot of worry out of the unknown.

The Unknown? Is it really? The Wild High Country - The Rainbow Bridge . . . so many peaceful faces awaiting her. I told her to say hello to my Mom . . . who was an Airedale lover and Rescuer till the end of her life here. Annette has lots of buddies looking for her. What kind of Rescue will they have there now? With Sandi, Annette, my Mom; I think where they are is a very good place.

I am not overcome with grief. Annette made it so easy to "say goodbye" though I never used those words. It only confirms how much courage she has, and how much I lack.

Godspeed, Annette. You are much loved.


To which SUE SENERCHIA replies:

Melanie, your recent post had me in tears. Even though I have never met Annette, I feel that I have known her for years through all of you. As you can see, our Airedale spoon [auctioned on eBay at that time] is doing fantastically. I'm so pleased. I would like that our donation to ATRA be in honor of Annette's life and in appreciation of her huge contribution to the Airedales and all the people involved in Rescue.


And EVIE FIESELER reminds us:

I thought you all might want to take another look at Bobbi Sparr's Queen Annette painting and site, which is located HERE.


Later that day, PATTY writes again:

On Wednesday, I'm taking copies of the emails I've received from listers for Annette to read . . . I'll tell her if she thinks her Rescue days are over, then she'd better think twice!

What a pleasant thought - a place for Rescue people to go to be with all those Airedales we've 'known' and loved.

When I was little I heard all about St. Francis of Assisi - and although he was from a different religion - I swore that when I went to heaven, I wanted to go where he was. Now that I think about it, he's probably going to be recruited by Annette and Sandi!

And Mel, wasn't Bill right? Annette is making it so easy for people to call and talk to her. That's why I've loved just sitting and talking to her - she knows I want to be there and she's staying awake for me!

I have to admit that I'm going out to buy a new answering machine because I've saved some messages from Annette. All of her phone conversations start with "Hey, it's Annette&#quot;. When you've heard that day after day for years, it's hard to let go of it. I know Rita [Ferrer] feels the same way. So I'm preserving my little bit of her for my memory bank. It's funny how the little things are so comforting.

Sue & Sidney - Thank you so much for thinking of and designating the auction of your spoon in memory of Annette! I'm going to tell her and hopefully be able to give her the final total when the auction ends.

As I have written before, Annette has never been one to take accolades easily - but now she knows that in her short life she is one person who made a difference and made an impact.

I hope she holds on and is able to know the results . . . if anyone can - it's her.


Later that day, PATTY writes again:

The editor of our ATRA newsletter is looking for humorous stories about Annette. It can be a conversation - or a Rescue adoption story. The tentative title of the compendium is "On the Road With Annette and Other Rescue Stories".

If you have anything to write - long or short - would you please send it to Lynn O'Shaughnessy.

Rememberto sign it and let Lynn know if it can be published and tell her that you are part of the adtlovershome email group.


On May 7, PATTY writes:

There is another rescue volunteer helping with Annette in a huge way and I thought you should know about her. She's not one to be in the forefront and doesn't like to have any fuss made about her.

Lynda Dziedzic, one of the original founders of ATRA, and the current President, is a nurse by training. She has been visiting Annette almost every day and helping with her IV's, and any of the physical needs Annette has. Until Annette has a bed in Hospice, she is visited only once every three days by Hospice staff.

Lynda, in her gentle, quiet way, is such a comfort to Annette, her Mom and myself. We try to stagger visits so Annette is not tired out or overwhelmed by too much activity.

I know Lynda's heart is breaking slowly, but she is steadfastly doing whatever she can to see that Annette is comfortable. I admire her so much for her being able to do this because is it so essential.

Please keep Lynda in your thoughts. She is losing a dear, dear friend who has meant so much to her. ATRA was Lynda vision, and I don't think she ever dreamed she'd meet a person like Annette, who was like a locomotive in Rescue.

The blessing in a volunteer group is it is made up of so many personalities and talents. People aren't hired; it's almost like Forest Gump's box of chocolates . . . you never know what you are going to get! There are so many special people around Annette. Chris Zane has been visiting and walking the dogs, helping around the house. Kirk Nims & Mike Billion have walked the dogs, Rita Ferrer has been to visit her as well. The visits and phone calls and emails for Annette have been so important to her.

I just can't express enough, to each of you who has reached out to her, that you are making a difference in her life now. Thank you.

I just got a call from Annette. She has gotten a bed in Hospice and is going this afternoon.

Her brother flies in later today so she is waiting for him to arrive. I'm going out there in a little while to spend some time with her.


BARB OIMAS writes:

I know only one of us will win this beautiful spoon, but I know we can all show Annette our support for the wonderful dogs she loves so much. We can help honor Annette too.

Anyone wanting to send a donation to ATRA to honor Annette can send it to:

c/o Kaslik
1123 Vesper Rd.
Ann Arbor, MI 48103

Note it is in Honor of Annette from the ADTlovershome List or send it by PayPal to - again note it is in Honor of Annette from ADT Lovershome List We have a week to see if we can increase the wonderful donation of Sue with the proceeds from the spoon. But we don't have to stop then. We can all give a little for someone who has given so much.


MEL writes:

She hasn't had any food in 11 weeks and is now off self-hydration. When she removed her hydration IV over the weekend, she got very weak. There isn't much time now.

Patty, I want you to know that you are just as special, for putting your feelings aside, screwing on your beautiful smile, being her friend, and holding her on her Journey. Also for being her "spokesperson" and keeping all of us posted on Annette's Journey. Your kindness is noted, on this plane and on the next.

Never alone. We are never alone. Every sparrow . . .



With tears in my eye, I have my wife Mary read the postings of late about Annette. She is a Reg. Nurse and has worked with cancer patients for the last 25 years. With Annette going off self-hydration, she will go very quickly. With prayers that she will have little pain or problems. With hearing all the stories I am very sorry that I will not have a chance to meet this "Wonderful Woman". We adopted Marty aka. Brodie at the end of February; he was four months. And Annette was the one I was in contact with. She made me feel that I had known her forever. She was so easy to talk to. We were hoping to meet her at the Birmingham Parade.

Thinking and Praying for Annette.


On May 12, PATTY writes:

I saw Annette today. She had several visitors on Sunday and has had a lot of dogs to visit her as well.

She said yesterday was hard as she just didn't feel well. Since Wednesday, she's only had her IV hydration once a day. Now she's stopped it completely.

This morning she had to have two nurses come in and help her to the bathroom. Her legs are extremely weak. I had only intended a short visit, but Chris Zane was there this morning and the three of us talked. I noticed that Annette's once-sharp mind was drifting in and out of our conversations, but she didn't want us to leave.

About noon, Lynda came in with Gracie and that perked Annette up for a while. In the almost three hours I was there it is clear that Annette is becoming very weak. Sitting up is about all she can do - if she must. Bless Lynda's heart - she was going to bathe Annette and change her sheets. Her nursing training and skills are a Godsend for Annette.

Other than some nausea and keeping her fluids down, she seems at peace with everything around her. She had a smile on her face even when she was drifting into her own world of thought.

I left my cell phone with her last week so she wouldn't have to dial all the numbers on her calling card.

I'm going again tomorrow in the early afternoon. Lynda said she will slip into a coma soon, perhaps by the end of the week.

Thinking and Praying for Annette.



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