An Airedale, erect beside the chauffeur of a Rolls-Royce,
Often gives you the impression she's there from choice.

-- E.B. White

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On 30 January 2000, Lesley Mattuchio writes:

Well it looks like the ATUR Train is going to roll down the tracks this week. Beau, who has been fostering with June Dudley, will be on his way to his new 'Forever Home'. He is making quite a little journey, as he will be leaving Roswell, Georgia and heading for Glens Falls, New York, near Vermont. We are still in the planning stages, but things seem to be coming together quite well as we have responsible volunteers who are working out the details as I write.


On 30 January,Carol Linthicum passed along this letter from Beau's new Mom, SandE Mancini:


You can imagine how excited and happy I am. I have been getting copies of all the messages going out to everyone involved in the transporting. I have lots of emotions going on all at once. I am worried about Beau, who is now Beau-Dudley, will he travel well? There are about 12 people involved in the transporting. I think they will be starting out on Wednesday and he will arrive here on Sunday or Monday. I can barely contain myself, I'm so elated.


I changed Beau's name to Beau-Dudley. Thought it was very fitting being June Dudley was the one who rescued him and is giving me this precious gift. I may even end up calling him Dudley. You also were a very important part of this rescue. It was you I first came into contact with and you were so wonderful to me. You gave me the support and strength to do what I had to do and then you were there to gently guide me through my sorrow. I still miss my beloved Spencer and I sometimes think he is right by my side, only to turn and see that he's not there. But I look forward to Beau and to his own personality and I know we will have a very special relationship also. So, Carol, you helped to make all this possible. I will be forever grateful.


Beau with Debby Nicewonger

On 2 February, Lesley writes: Tomorrow morning Beau-Dudley will begin his long sojourn to the wilds of Upstate New York to be with his most excited new Mom, SandE. This trip is about 1,100 miles and will end sometime next week. It involves about 12 volunteers who have been very diligent in making these plans for this special boy.

I would like to ask everyone to send all the Airedale Zen and prayers they can muster up for a safe and happy journey for everyone involved and a joyous beginning when Beau meets his new Forever Mom.

I will keep you abreast of the progress Beau is making on the ATUR rails so we can all feel like we are with him and them at least in spirit.

So ALL ABOARD . . . we are ready to ROLL . . .

On 3 February, Lesley writes:

I am very happy to tell you all that our *Beau Brummel Rides the Rails* has completed the first leg of his journey to New York. He started out this morning with June Dudley from Georgia, traveled to Debby Nicewonger, on to Amy & Don Hicks and finally to Geri Lowe. He has had a long day of travel but is very comfortably ensconced with Geri in Virginia and will have a nice rest until early Saturday when he will continue to make his way to his new life in New York.


Beau with Amy & Don Hicks

Thank you all for the prayers and ADT Zen sent so far as they are working well. He has had a smooth ride and seems to be enjoying his little adventure. A BIG thanks to this first set of ATUR volunteers for their outstanding work for a safe journey and making Beau so very comfortable . . . they all deserve a huge round of applause!


Beau with Geri Lowe

Nancy Foster writes:

Oh, my eyes got all misty when I read about dear Beau traveling on his way! What a wonderful life he has in store for him. Wish we could provide that for all the homeless ones. Thanks to everyone who helped Beau.

June Dudley writes:

Thanks to all of you wonderful lovers of Airedalers we are doing this. We never turn down an Airedale coming into rescue and we have been very fortunate to find some wonderful homes for our babies.


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