Andréa sent out requests to Airedale Rescue members
and others who may be traveling from east of Lake Michigan
to west of Lake Michigan.

Her friend Sharon Shelton replied:

I am thinking of coming over the weekend of December 9,
weather permitting. Is this too late?

A few hours later, Shell writes:

The ever-changing world of rescue. You won't believe this.

About an hour ago, guess who showed up on Petfinders?
Baby in K'zoo who is now called "Dakota".
I called the surrendering owner because she had just emailed me
the picture yesterday afternoon! She told me that late yesterday,
Baby got out of the house and ran away.
She was picked up by the K'zoo shelter.
She called them and asked if they could hold her until she got there,
but for some reason, they put her on Petfinders.
BTW . . . I found out this owner is blind and can't drive.
So much for transport help.

So . . . I called the shelter
and explained to them that
I had been working with this gal.
It became kind of clear that
they weren't intent on
giving her back to Terry and
maybe there's more going on
here that meets the eye;
I'm not sure.


So here's what we're doing.
They will keep her up for adoption until 11/21,
although they admit she will likely not get adopted.
If she doesn't, she is ours for $45 AND they will totally vet her
and even chip her. Of course . . . then we'll have to move her
and that could be tough unless one of your contacts comes through.

So either way, she's safe. If she gets adopted . . . great.
If not, we get her. Can you believe this?????



Dakota is a very special girl.
She is quiet and calm.
Dakota also has some special needs.
One of her back legs does not work
and when she was brought in
she was wearing a diaper and booties.
We aren't sure where this sweet girl
came from, but we hope that she will find
a home where she can safely stay.

Less than two hours later,
Shell gets the message from the Kalamazoo shelter:

Since our talk earlier, the dog has been paid for by its owner.
They haven't picked her up yet, but as far as I can tell,
they plan to take her home. If you have been in contact with them,
you will probably need to get her back from them
since they have paid to take her home.

So after all this to-ing and fro-ing,
we're back to the original plan. But now I'm thinking:
This dog has no use of her back legs, yet she RAN AWAY??
WHAT am I letting us in for?! Only time will tell . . . .

Why? you ask.
Why do I want to try to take care of this little girl?

I am inspired by many people in Airedale Rescue, some of whom are,
at the moment, working with Goldie of the Golden Mountains,
an Airedale who was loose in Colorado for two years and
was finally caught only because she lost the use of her back legs.
Read her story HERE,
and be inspired both by Goldie and by those who care for her.

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