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22 OCTOBER 2015

A liver shunt is a blood vessel
that carries blood around the liver
instead of through it.
In some animals a liver shunt
is a birth defect (congenital
portosystemic shunt
In others, multiple small shunts
(acquired portosystemic shunts)
form because of severe
liver disease such as cirrhosis.


On 12 November,
Shell Lewis writes:

CRUSA foster dog Barney
in Illinois needs your help!

In early October, I was contacted
by the director of the animal
shelter in Quincy, Illinois:
For the past two months,
a darling eight-year-old
Cairn boy named Barney
had been living at the shelter.


Poor Barney! His owner, an elderly gentleman,
had owned Barney since he was just a pup and adored him.
But the owner had to go into an assisted living facility;
still hoping he would be able to return home
and intent on keeping Barney,
he had Barney's dog walker come in three times a day.
The dog walker had cared for Barney for many years
and was as fond of him as the owner was.

Unfortunately for Barney,
the owner's daughter intervened.
She felt her father was spending
too much on Barney's care
and took Barney to the shelter.


Barney was very distraught at the shelter.
Day by day, he became more and more unhappy and
eventually he started acting out aggressively towards the staff.
He simply could not be shown to the public
because he had become so unpredictable.

The dog sitter came by
every other day to visit Barney;
those were the only times
Barney was happy
and wagged his tail.

Barney became so
depressed and sad
that the shelter put him
on Prozac . . . and reached
out to Cairn Rescue USA;
Barney came into CRUSA
on 22 October.


Because Barney's recent behavior had been unpredictable,
I did not want to put him in a foster home with other dogs.
Thankfully, a Chicago couple who are CRUSA Facebook followers
and who had recently lost their terrier, offered to foster Barney.

Barney was transported to Janet & Larry with the help of
Jim Hamrick who has adopted from me twice.
Barney over-nighted with Jim and his wife
and then brought up to Chicago to meet Janet & Larry


I'm happy to report that Barney has done wonderfully
in foster care under the watchful eye of Janet & Larry Eaton.
Almost immediately, he displayed a playful side;
he has even made friends with some of the neighborhood dogs.
He has become a neighborhood favorite and we were looking forward
to putting him up for adoption after a much-needed dental.

However, the pre-surgical lab work revealed some troubling values
and further testing (a bile acid test and an ultrasound)
showed that Barney had a liver shunt.
Surgery has been recommended and will fix Barney's
potentially life-threatening issue.


Surgery to correct a liver shunt is not inexpensive
and must be done by an internal specialist.
We are still in the process of getting quotes from surgical centers at
University of Wisconsin, University of Illinois as well as VCA
and Chicago Veterinary Specialty Center.
So far, estimates are coming in in the $3300 - $4500 range.


Barney with foster parents Janet & Larry


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