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28 OCTOBER 2014


Two of about 25 dogs as they were taken in


On 25 October, Shell Lewis writes:

Last week, we got a call from Kelly Rhoda, Shelter Manager of
Humane Animal Welfare Society (HAWS) of Waukesha, Wisconsin.
A woman in Jefferson County had voluntarily surrendered
"in the neighborhood" of 25 dogs.
The group was comprised of Chihuahuas, Poodles, Cairns & several mixes.
The woman did not admit to being a "breeder",
but the fact that all the dogs were intact would suggest she was.
All the dogs had been living outdoors and were flea-infested.
The two intakes pictures pretty much sum up the condition of the entire group.
Terribly matted . . . and in the case of the Cairns,
all were heavily infected with hook worm & whip worm.

CRUSA is taking the four dogs that are undeniably Cairn Terriers,
and while several others are clearly terrier mixes,
they will be better served by an all-breed rescue.

It's been difficult for the shelter to assess personalities,
as they have had their hands full shaving and vetting the dogs.
Space has been another problem. The shelter is completely full,
so our Cairns have been living in crates in the facility's garage.
We do understand that they are under-socialized, very shy
and the males are as "bossy" as one would expect intact males to be.
Carl, Tom Boy & Sprocket are four years old;
Gracie is six.

When I posted the dogs' pictures to CRUSA's Facebook page,
the response was overwhelming. Many people have offered to foster;
others offered to adopt. Of course, we have a process to go through,
so for now, all four Cairns are matched to approved foster homes.

The two females, Tom Boy . . .


. . . & Gracie . . .


. . . will be fostered by Sue Stoughton in Illinois.


Male Sprocket will be going to foster home Karen Kempinen in Wisconsin,
whose permanent foster Sadie recently crossed The Rainbow Bridge.


Veteran CRUSA foster home Colleen Swartz
will foster handsome Carl in Wisconsin.

On Tuesday, Joe Radosevich
will pick up all four dogs from the shelter,
meet me and the dogs will then move down to
Gateway Veterinary Clinic in St. Charles, Illinois,
where they'll be quarantined for ten days.

On 7 November, they'll all move to
their permanent foster homes.


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