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23 FEBRUARY 2008

Brenda Kelley writes:

BJ, Maddy & Goliath (Golie) all came from a mill in Missouri. A rescue contact in Kentucky called me and said she was driving to Missouri to get some mill releases, and she thought there were three Cairns. Tammy rescued them on 23 February, and we got them on 27 February. Linette & Clark Parker and Rosie (f/k/a Raizel) & Grace (their adopted CRUSA girls) are fostering BJ in Tennessee; Tracie Cotton is fostering Maddy & Goliath, also in Tennessee

BJ is supposed to be around three or four years old; she looks much older!

Maddy (Madame) is the one whose teeth are soooo bad that she has to have a dental or infection from her awful teeth & gums will surely kill her.

Golie, love his heart, is just an angel!



BJ sitting on the deck

Linette Parker sends a report:

This is Peggy Nalley; I got BJ from Tammy, who got her from the mill. I just want to strangle someone for the neglect & abuse that BJ has gone through. How is her medication working for her ears: I tried to clean them out the best I could when I groomed them that night and the day after she was spayed. I don't think I would have tolerated having my ears touched, much less cleaned out, as well as she did.

It was my first experience having dogs straight from the mill . . . just deplorable . . . the smell. Had to wash & soak for almost a half hour each to get them smelling like a real dogs. Their nails were two inches long. I don&t know how they were walking.


Linette writes:

BJ's ears . . . see her little shriveled up ear; the ear canal is swollen up and has ulcers in it which I can't seem to get a good picture of (they are both this way). It is unlikely that her ears will ever stand up again.


Her nose is scarred up black where she has rubbed off all the hair, most likely from being in a small cage. Her back legs are also scarred. I tried to get a picture of her terrrrrrible mouth, but poor little thing is so scared I did not want to traumatize her any more; trying to get pictures of her ears was bad enough. Best I can see she has several little nubbins of teeth that may need to come out they look like they may be rotten down to the gum.


The crate is one that I got with a really thick soft cushion, as her hair is so thin and her body so bony. I have to wash her crate cushions every day; she is so malnourished that she smells. She is getting good food now; she grabs a bite out of the bowl, takes it back to her crate, then runs out, grabs another bite and takes it back to the crate.


She may have something wrong with her hip as she has a limp. She has definitely had a rough life and has to have been hit a lot as she cowers every time anyone approaches her.

Anyone wanting to help Miss BJ please donate toward her medical care. I will post pictures every few days and keep everyone informed of her progress.

Thank you from the bottom of her little puppy heart! Licks & kisses.


BJ likes to sunbathe . . .


. . . and so does everyone else in the Parker Pack!

BJ has been adopted by my other babies, Angie (CRUSA foster), Gracie (former CRUSA), Sophie (little puppy mill rescue Shizie). She leaves her crate to lie in the sunshine and here they come to keep her company!

Tracie comments:

They are absolutely adorable! Bob & Gidget would lie down with her, too, and she didn't shy away from them, just people . . . GREAT picture! Don't know if I said it yet, but thanks for taking her, Linette!

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