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22 MARCH 2018


Katie, 1-1/2 years old


Bob, 1-1/2 years old

Melanie Oleksa writes: Here is the story of Bob & Katie

On Monday, 19 March, Saving Carson Shelter Dogs
posted on Facebook two terrier mixes that were an owner surrender.
The male didn't look like a mix; the female had a bad haircut,
so it was hard to tell if she was a mix or pure Cairn.
The posting said they were given up because the owner had too many pets.
It also said the "owner" didn't leave their names.

Shell Lewis, BJ Isaacs & I started networking.
Christine Kendall, who has been a networker for us previously in Texas
and recently moved to California, started posting on her page.
looking for a temporary foster home for us in California.
She found someone who has adopted from Cairn Rescue League
and agreed to take the dogs and temporarily foster until
we could make arrangements to move them to a CRUSA home.

Will Bever, who previously pulled Leroy (f/k/a SAD SAD LEROY CAIRN)
from Carson for us, said that he could get them,
but wouldn't be able to get to the Carson Shelter
until Thursday, 22 March. Shell & Bill Schumacher
started discussing having Bill fly to California to get the dogs.

On Tuesday, 20 March, I emailed the shelter to see if we could
tag them for rescue or put a hold on them.
The shelter director called me back and said that had to be done in person.
He also let me know that the dogs came from a property
where there were 15-20 dogs,
the dogs were very unsocialized and fearful of humans,
and not crate/house trained at all.
He said that the male had something going on with his back leg
and couldn't fully extend it. He said that the girl was spayed
that day and the boy had been neutered that day.

The next day, the Saving Carson page updated their post
with some videos of the dogs that were absolutely heartbreaking.
The poor babies were huddled in the corner, just shaking.
Shelter volunteers had given them names; Gregory & Cyndy.
Our foster who was waiting for them already had her own names
picked out for them; Bob & Katie.

I tried again on Wednesday, 21 March, to get them held for us,
and emailed the shelter director.
I let him know that we had a temporary foster arranged,
someone to pull them arranged,
the foster had made vet appointments for both dogs for Thursday afternoon,
someone who could fly in and transport to CRUSA foster homes.
I begged him to make an exception and put a hold on them
since we had so many people involved in this.
He called me back, saying that he couldn't do that;
it was first come, first serve.

On Thursday, Will drove
to the shelter to get the dogs.
He immediately got
the runaround.
Shelter staff said it didn't
know anything about us,
and hadn't talked
to anyone from CRUSA.
I called the person with whom
I had previously spoken.
With some prompting,
he remembered our
two conversations.


On their way to a new life

It was at this point he told me he had made a mistake and
another rescue was on its way to pick up the male.
He asked if we wanted to just take the female,
or if I wanted him to call the other rescue
to see if it would let us have them both.
He said he would call the other rescue since it was his mistake,
and I said, please do.

I was most concerned about getting the male out
if he needed to be seen by a vet for his leg.

The other rescue arrived at the shelter a few minutes after
our phone conversation. It was Janie Mudrick from Hand in Paw Rescue.
Not only did she let us take both dogs,
she let Will use her rescue as the pulling group and
the fee was half of what it would have been if he pulled them.
People are just so good sometimes!


Will transported the dogs to the vet in,
North Tustin Veterinary, in Tustin, California.

The initial report that we got on the dogs was heart-wrenching.
Katie must have been pregnant when she was spayed; she was lactating.
There were problems with her incision from the spay and it looked infected.

Bob had an infection from his neuter and was oozing pus.
Both dogs had ticks, fleas, and mites.
The vet said they needed to stay overnight for IV meds;
he was literally in tears over the condition of these dogs,
saying that if they had stayed in the shelter another day,
they would have died.

The dogs were released the next day
(Friday) in the afternoon with multiple medications.

They are very timid and afraid of people and have been mostly hiding so far.
Last night, Katie was getting more curious and
starting to come out a little and explore.
Both dogs ate well last night;
their foster mom made chicken and sweet potatoes for them.


CRUSA would like to thank:
Melanie, Shell, BJ, Will, Janie & Christine;
it certainly took a village to rescue these two!


Amazing effort by many yields a happy resolution for these Cairns.


Oh, wow, poor kids. I hope they get into their foster home soon. Both cute.


OMG the poor babies; we wish them all the good in the world.


In Canada:
What an account! Those two little ones are so very fortunate that rescue groups like yours refuse to take NO for an answer. Well done!


Those poor abused Cairns . . . people are so stupid and unkind. I am glad they are young and will recover. Bless the little things . . . all that pain and misery. Won't take too long for them to learn about love.


In England:
I'm so glad they were rescued and in safe homes where they will have love, care, and good food.


WOW, how horrible for these two . . . they will feel better real soon and be on their way to the best homes ever for them!


My heart is smiling! CRUSA rocks!


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