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16 DECEMBER 2020

On 21 December, Shell Lewis writes:

Isn't she the cutest thing since sliced bread?
HERE is a video of her arrival at O'Hare Airport.

I had her at an ophthalmologist the other day.
She may be a candidate for cataract removal,
but the tests to determine that are around $1,000
(minus a discount, amount of which is tbd).
IF she's a good candidate,
surgery would be around $4500 for the one eye.


Investigating Shell's kitchen

The other eye was surgically removed at some point in her life,
and that's the interesting thing. She is around seven or eight years old,
according my vet (younger than the LA shelter ballparked her at)
and has obviously had puppies (she's still intact).
And the eye that is missing was at one time surgically removed.
So someone cared enough about this dog to do an enucleation,
but not enough to have her spayed or to microchip her or
to probably let her out to fend for herself on the mean streets of South LA.



Cookie relaxes with Nora Lewis

What that says to me is "mill dog" or BYB dog.
At one time a good producer and worth spending money on.


Cookie just relaxes

Testing consists of two tests (one of which is an ultrasound)
that take place over the course of a day.
She also needs spay and dental but that's all down the road.


Nora sez: She's a cutie!


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