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19 NOVEMBER 2014


On 1 December, Peggy Nalley writes: Urgent: Please help!!!

Need foster home or adoption for two ten-year-old females,
red wheaten, Cream & Sugar.
They are very sweet & lovable furbabies who lost their owner,
killed in a motorcycle wreck on 8 November.
His family was trying to find them a home because the dogs
were living outside in a pen/kennel, the temperatures were below freezing
and the family could not take them as they all had dogs of their own,
so someone contacted CRUSA.

This was the week of 9 November.
We had gotten some pretty nasty cold temps in Louisville,
in the 20s and below, and also some snow that week.
The owner was a backyard breeder,
but had stopped several years back according to family members
who had contacted CRUSA.

There had been two other dogs in the house,
another male Cairn and a Jack Russell terrier.
The mother of the deceased took them to her house,
but was unable to take these two because of other dogs she had
and she is also battling cancer.

Cream & Sugar are twin sisters and have been together since birth.
Sugar was a breeder; Cream was not, but not for the lack of the owner trying.
She was artificially inseminated several times, according to vet records,
but could not have puppies.

On 19 November, I called the family
to see if someone could meet me
at the residence where the dogs were.
I went to Shively Vet Clinic
to put in my name; they have first-come,
first-serve waiting.
I left the clinic to pick up the
two Cairns that were outside
in the freezing cold.
The brother-in-law
of the deceased was to meet me
at the house where they were.
I found the house,
which was back in the woods,
but no one was there.



This is where it gets spooky!
Several days ago,
while figuring out how to
get the dogs because mine
have bronchitis and I couldn't
bring them to my house after
getting them to the vet,
the address where the dogs were
sounded very familiar to me.
After thinking for awhile,
it came to me that in late summer
or early fall of 2007, I was looking
for a Cairn puppy. There was an ad
in our newspaper for Cairn pups.
You guessed it;
this is where I went to see
the puppies he had listed in the paper.
I did not get a puppy there,
because they were Cairn/
Jack Russell terrier mixes
he was selling as purebred Cairns.


Anyway, when I got to the house (eerie!),
it was like going back in time, having been there seven years ago.
Nothing had changed, except there were no dogs running around.
Well, after sitting in my car for about 15 minutes,
I decided to go in the backyard to see where these two were
and found them in a pen with a doghouse AND NO WATER;
it was frozen.



I went inside the pen:
First I found out if they were as friendly as the family had told me and,
yes, they were so happy and friendly to see someone.
They were matted like crazy, and of course, I'd forgotten my camera
with all the confusion. So I got one out (I didn't know
which one was which, and neither did the family of the deceased),
and took her to my van, pulled big mats out like crazy.
She was very gentle and never growled or showed teeth;
just kept wagging her tail and jumping up on me to pet her.

I went back and got the other one,
who was as sweet and friendly as her sister.
She also was very matted, and again I pulled some mats off her
and she did the same as the other - no growling or teeth showing,
just glad that someone was there.



After I got them in crates, I sat there for some time,
waiting for the brother-in-law of the deceased,
but no one showed up. I felt like a thief in the night stealing two dogs.

I left the house, which was in the woods, and went back out the driveway,
and there at the main road and driveway was the man waiting for me.
He didn't know who was who;
just that their names were Cream & Sugar and
he gave me the vet records from the vet they had gone to.

Both dogs were behind on shots,
so I took them to my vet to get them UTD on everything.
Through the vet records we figured out who was who,
because of one had an eye scar and one was spayed.
So now we know which one is Cream, the skinny one and
which one is Sugar, the plumper one.
They both had a very bad yeasty smell, due to the matted coats,
and both had tumors that needed to be removed and dental work.



They both had surgeries on 20 November, with tumors removed and dentals.
They had to stay at the vet clinic because I could not bring them home.
With the holiday coming up,
I was in a pickle trying to think of what I was going to do
with them after the vet released them from the hospital.

I called a kennel not far from me that I have used in the past;
they agreed to board them for me, so on 22 November,
I picked them up them up from the vet, and, with meds in hand,
took them to the kennel until I get the ok from the vet
that I can bring them to my house. They are still at the kennel now.
I went to visit them once and they are doing great,
getting a lot of attention from the staff and lots of treats,
which is one thing Sugar doesn't need,
weighing in at 22 pounds.

I really need someone to help me.
I am having back problems again and maybe surgery again.
Having a mylagram on Tuesday, 2 December.

Their vet bill was $977.75.
The tumors were sent to a lab to make sure that they weren't cancerous.
We need help with the boarding costs . . .
the kennel does give a discount for rescue groups, thank goodness.
So please if anyone can help with the vetting & boarding costs,
it would be greatly appreciated.
$900.00 has already be donated from a gentleman in Texas.

Please, let us get these babies adopted or to a foster home
in Louisville, KY or surrounding area.

Both dogs are UTD on shots, microchipped, spayed, HW negative.
Do not know if housebroken, but staff at kennel says
they are not using the potty inside their kennel.


SEE Cream & Sugar HERE

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