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A few excerpts from Chrissi's medical history.
Definitions &s explanations are from &
and written within brackets & italicized.
Everything else is from her veterinary records;
some dates were cut off during faxing.

DOB: 4 APRIL 1999

_/4/99 - Puppy checkup and full regimen of vaccinations

9/13/99 - New Owner

10/16/99 - Spayed

11/5/99 - Attacked by another dog.
Numerous bite marks all over body.
Not using hind legs to support herself,
but does have deep pain sensation to both hind legs.
No fx's [fractures] palpable. No pain on palpation of spine.
Sutured lacerations. Pelvic radiograph. Lateral spinal radiograph.
Several medications given IV.

11/6/99 - Temperature 103F.
deep pain sensation, but not using rear legs. Is urinating.
Client told of condition and long-term care necessary.
Client wants to take her home.
Medications prescribed in pill form.

11/8/99 - Client unable to adminster medications;
returned for credit.

11/9/99 - Dog ripped open incision in groin.
Looks like it happened a day or two ago. Edges dried & leathery.
Wound badly infected. Medications given IV; debraded skin edges.
Bandaged after flushing wound several times.
Told client to flush wound & apply sterile bandage BID [2x/day].

11/10/99 - Dog returned to have wounds flushed and bandages changed.
A few more wounds occurred due to moisture buildup.

11/12/99 - Dog returned; wounds looking much better.
Rebandaged. Client to continue bandage changes BID and Clavamox.

11/19/99 - Looks great; wounds healing wonderfully.

3/21/00 - Ear infection. Client says she has OtoMax® at home.

_/22/01 - Rabies vaccination & heartworm test.
Client says she has HeartGard® at home.

1/11/02 - [This vet has illegible handwriting.]
Acute hyphemia [bleeding in the eyeball,
caused by the rupture of blood vessels in the eye.
This is usually due to a blow to face or head. However,
people whose blood has stopped clotting properly
due to their taking certain medications (like coumadin or heparin),
or who have diseases like diabetes or hemophilia
that can weaken the eye's vessels can spontaneously
develop eyeball bleeds]
, 3-5 days' duration.
Non-painful, no history of trauma. Medication given IV.
Client to return in a week to determine if any ___________ ocular damage.

Chronic seborrheic otitis [inflammation of the ear
due to chronic skin conditions that affect the ear canal skin]
ear canal worse, calcified canal. No organisms ___________.
Explained to client chronic inflammation and seborrhea.
Paws and body not affected. Medications prescribed.
Also discussed removal of eyeball. May do in future.

1/18/02 - Call: Only slight improvement in eye.
Advised to repeat IV medications.


4/27/09 - New owner: X Humane Society. Heartworm test.
Hx [Medical History]: Confiscated by humane officer;
has been kept in a pop-up camper for several years.
Many mats, include large fecal mat present that was removed by X H.S.
Has been EDUD [?] normally; no UID [microchip?].
Has been shaking head a lot.
Right eye covered with purulent discharge
[whitish-yellow, yellow or yellow-brown substance; pus].

PE [Physical Entity]: BCS [Body Condition Score]: 5/5.
Left eye WNL [Within Normal Limits].
Right eye swollen; eyelids matted shut with purulent discharge.
Third eyelid prolapsed - unable to determine if globe is present.

Left ear canal stenotic [abnormally constricted body canal or passage] -
both ears large amount of moist yellow discharge.
Heavy tartar. Heart/lungs/abdomen WNL.
Area of alopecia [loss of hair],
pigmented skin on dorsal lumbar region.

Ear cytology: 4+ bacteria

Right eye: possible previously ruptured globe.
Blood drawn for testing. Pending results,
will perform eye exam/likely enucleation [removal of the eye,
leaving the eye muscles and remaining orbital contents intact.
This type of ocular surgery is indicated for
a number of different ocular tumors,
in eyes that have suffered severe trauma,
and in eyes that are blind and painful due to other disease]

surgery on Friday; also dental cleaning.
Medications prescribed for ear cleansing.

4/30/09 - BW results WNL. Spoke to X H.S.

5/1/09 - Dental/Enucleation/Check ears. Temperature: 102.4F.
Heavy tartar, gingival recession present. Extraction of two molars.
Sutured gingiva. Shrunken globe present in right eye;
removed and sutured. Released Into Foster Care.

5/11/09 - Dog return. Doing well. Not scratching at ears,
but foster having difficulty applying ear meds.
PE: Eye well-healed; removed sutures.

6/1/09 - Regimen of vaccintions.
Heartworm test Negative. Released to CRUSA.

So there you have it . . . from a cute little puppy to
this overweight, one-eyed, life-weary

She has two lipomas, which will be checked next week.
Her inake paper noted a possible hip injury,
although I've seen no evidence of that.
She does NOT like her feet to be touched.

She has now been on several walks, longer each time,
and greeted with great enthusiasm.
Ear meds can be put in the ears if she is muzzled,
but she has less and less reaction to the meds each time.
I was able to brush her in areas today that
she refused to let me touch two days ago, so she is learning to trust.
Luckily for us all, she is NOT a food hound,
so we can continue to free-feed the Skrenninger Six-Pack.
She eats a few kernels at a time, several times a day,
but nothing to excess.

The smell of people food, OTOH, makes her crazy,
so she must have been fed this throughout her life.
No more . . . each dog gets a miniscule "taste" from Cairndaddy,
after sitting still, but that's all.

She still has dire rears;
this should clear up when she gets used to the Innova food & our water;
her skin is less odiferous already.

She has playbowed with Paris,
who has NO IDEA what she is supposed to do,
so perhaps this will be good for them both.
Why she prefers Paris, I haven't a clue.

She knows SIT, COME, and we are working on STAY.
She responds very well to her new name.
She has already become more 'bouncy' & 'happy',
which is always nice to see in a previously-abused or neglected foster dog.

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