28 MAY 2006


Darwin is in his foster home . . .


. . . and Dharma is in hers, with June Dudley's sister, Diane.

Shell writes: Dharma's doing great and one of my foster home liaisons has been giving Diane tips on her housebreaking habits.

8 JUNE 2006

June Dudley writes:

An update on Dharma: She is terrific. She loves kids, dogs, cats and all people. She just loves everyone. She loves to roll around in the grass when she goes outside. Diane's husband will pick her up when he is on the computer and she just rests her head on the counter and is happy just to be with him in his lap. Her husband reminds Diane that Dharma is a foster and not to get too attached. My sister is attached and I can't believe her husband isn't also.

Ah well, that just means when a home is found for Dharma, they will be available to foster another one. But I think she will leave a big hole in everyone's heart around here when she does leave.

Laura writes:

My little guy [Darwin] is doing so well; he hasn't messed in the house for about a week now and is using the doggie door on his own. He no longer has to go in his crate at night now that he knows what he is supposed to be doing. He certainly is a cute dog and really craves attention from us.

I am proud of him, he has really come far in the short time we have had him. He doesn't cower as much when we reach down to pet or pick him up now. And his housebreaking, I think, is finally done. The only time he goes in his crate now is when he would be home alone. Which is not very often, but he doesn't complain if he does have to go in.

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