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"Greetings from Canada! Meet Rosie, CGC and Certified Therapy Dog. She and her Human Companion, Shelley, visit nursing and retirement homes where Rosie is affectionately known as 'Rosie Wigglebum'. Rosie will soon be joined on this page by more of the beloved four-legged family of Shelley."

"The red leash, 'bib' and special tags identify Rosie as a certified working therapy dog. The residents really look forward to her visits and she loves to socialize - what a wonderful combination!"




Shelley says, "Here are our ADT 'kids' posing for the Christmas 1997 photo. With eight all in the house, it's never a dull moment!"

Unexpectedly, on 21 January 1998, Baron (wearing antlers in the photo above) crossed the Rainbow Bridge. He is sadly missed by his two- and four-legged family.

In his honor, the Friends of Airedales Memorial Fund (FOAMF) was begun. Read all about it here.

No cold philosophy, no cynic sneer,
Checks the unhidden and the honest tear,
What little difference, and how short
The span,
Betwixt thy instinct and the mind of man.

-- Inscription On A Dog's Gravestone


"This is Snoopy, the pot-bellied pig/ADT wannabee, with his ADT friend Ginger who crossed the bridge in 1994. Snoopy was raised with the ADT's so he thinks he's one - ssshhhhh - we don't tell him he's a p*g.

"Snoopy's a character alright! This picture was not posed either. They just really took to each other. Since Ginger passed on, Snoopy sleeps on the couch - and has to be covered up, of course."



To Airedale Lovers Listers:

"Doogie" wishes you happiness,
From "Rose" . . . peace and joy to you
"Maggie" wishes you all good health
"SinDee" hopes your troubles are few.

"Emmy" wishes that Santa Claus
Will really treat you kind
"Julie" hopes your stockings are full
(Not hard to tell what's on *their* minds??).

"Sheza" hopes this Season finds you
Surrounded by those who are dear
And "Reba" sends you every good wish
For a New Year filled with cheer.

The "kidz" have pretty well said it all,
And I'm running out of wishes that rhyme
So from Airedale Lovers to Airedale Lovers
MAIREy Christmas!!! . . . Have a GREAT '99!!!!

Shelley DeMerchant
And the Appyaire Airedales



On the couch left to right are Maggie, Rosie, Sindee & Sheza
On the floor, left to right are Doogie, Reba, Tasha (Airedale wannabee) & Sir

The time of year is upon us
To reflect on '99
To remember dear ones who've departed
Leaving cherished memories behind.

To remember too the good times,
The fund raising projects and tales
To remember what brings us together
We all love Airedales!

To remember new friendships and old ones
And the travels and new sights we've seen
To remember the brags and accomplishments
Airedales *can* do anything!!!

To remember the stories of puppyhood
How we delight at some things that they do
To remember too how the support is there
When someone is troubled or blue.

To remember just how blessed we all are
To be owned by this wonderful breed
To think of a world without Airedales
Would be very sad indeed.

So to all Airedale Lovers and your fur babies
Wherever you may be
Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!!
From Shelley

On 18 April 2000, Shelley writes: "As many of you know, for the last twelve years I've been owned by a pot-bellied pig who was raised with Airedales and never realized he was a pig. In his mind he thought he was an Airedale. Those of you who have met Snoopy can attest to that. For the last two days he's been having urinary blockages. In spite of diligent veterinary care over the weekend he was failing quickly and tonight I made the best decision for him and held Snoopy as he was humanely euthanized. He's been so much a part of our four-legged family for so many years. We are all missing him . . . RIP Appyaire's Inspector Snoopy."

And, beloved master, should the great Master see fit to deprive me of my health or sight, do not turn me away from you. Rather hold me gently in your arms as skilled hands grant me the merciful boon of eternal rest - and I will leave you knowing with the last breath I drew, my fate was ever safest in your hands.

-- Anonymous

In August 2005, Shelley writes: On Friday, August 5, I held my darling Rosie in my arms and uttered my parting words: "Leave this world with love," as she was humanely euthanized. She was 13 years old, had been in really good health but had a stroke early Friday morning and I wouldn't let her suffer. She told me it was her time to leave me.

Rosie was Silvervalley's Wildwood Rose, OVC, CGC. She's left quite a legacy and has touched more hearts than can ever be imagined.

She (and several of my other Airedales) were featured in the 1999 Best Friends Airedale Calendar. She and her daughter, Maggie, were pictured in the 2002 Airedale Browntrout Calendar. Rosie is the Best Friend's Airedale worldwide greeting card dog and can be seen HERE.

Rosie was a working therapy dog for 10 years and she & I were standby as backup for TDI dogs that were doing therapy with the families of the victims and recovery workers after the 9/11 bombings in New York. She was a mother & grandmother. She'd been spayed for many years, but helped raise & socialize her daughter's (Maggie's & Sindee's) litters. She passed her wonderful temperament, stoicism & tenacity to her sons, daughters, grandsons & grandchildren - most of whom never saw and will never see the inside of a show ring - but instead are doing what I believe really matters the most and that is being loving family pets who are, in return, loved & adored by their humans. Many of Rosie's offspring have followed in her pawprints with therapy dog work and/or excelled in the obedience, flyball & agility rings.

I consider myself honoured & blessed to have had Rosie in my life. She was one of those special ones and she taught me a lot. She was my friend and I know that, at the end, I was the best friend I could be . . . for Rosie.

Rosie is buried under a maple tree in my yard.

The DeMerchant Pack shown with the kind permission of Shelley DeMerchant

Thanks to Karen Clouston for the Airedale Graphic

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