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20 JANUARY 2013

On 13 January,
Gayle Kiesow writes:

Here is six-year-old Haley;
I am looking for a foster home
for her & for the 12-year-old
Bichon that has lived with
Haley for several years.

Their owner has died and
her daughter cannot keep them,
so we have agreed to take Haley.
Do you have anybody who might
open their home to a
12-year-old Bichon?


The Next Day:

I heard back from a couple who lives about a mile from me
with Bichons and they are taking Carlee as their own.

So comes the news
on 20 January:

DOB: 5/4/07; Wheaten female,
spayed & UTD

Intake Date: 01/20/2013
OS from St Louis

Foster home:
Lynette & Henry Henriksen, Wisconsin


Daughter Cindy & family,
who drove the dogs to us.


Haley is in and resting with Bob;
she will overnight here.
We will meet Barb Miller
in Joliet tomorrow;
she is taking Haley
to Wisconsin.

Cannot believe what Haley came with:
tons of toys, treats, food, coat, multiple beds,
dishes and of course, her Bichon sister, 12-year-old Carlee,
who is now resting in the arms of her new mom,
Pat & hubby Ron, who did not hesitate when
I contacted them about taking Carlee as their own.
She joins a Westie & another Bichon in their home.


Pat with her Bichon & Carlee

Carlee has found the perfect place to be to stay until
her end of life with all the love she was used to receiving
from her previous mom, who died in late August,
leaving Haley & Carlee to find new homes.

The previous owner's
daughters were amazing:
driving both girls to us
from St Louis, bringing Haley
up-to-date on
everything this past week,
having her groomed &
providing six months of HeartGard
along with a generous
donation to CRUSA.


For Bichon Carlee,
they gave a donation for her upcoming vetting in April,
had her groomed and sent Heart Gard for her as well.

The best owner-surrender experience yet -
honoring their mom by making sure these two fur kids
found the right place to live.


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