National Airedale Rescue

Christine writes:

A question I am often asked is, what causes so many great artists to donate their work to Airedale Rescue?

Bobbi Sparr is one of those artists! She is a wonderfully-skilled artist who loves the breed and supports rescue over and over throughout the year. She didn't start out to support rescue; her involvement started, like most of ours did, with a single dog. Her words say it better than mine could:

"My life with Airedales began with a specific purpose in mind: to find a dependable walking companion who could handle walking three to 15 miles on a regular basis. That companion came to me in a newspaper ad for an Airedale in a neighboring town about 125 miles away. Thelma, now 12, is an Oorang-sized Airedale and was the size of a cocker spaniel at the age of 13 weeks. She is the smartest dog I have ever owned. She learned her name after one time calling her, she learned how to go outside and ask to do so immediately. She was so smart she tested me daily.

"After 5.5 years of faithful walking, Thelma was diagnosed with hip dysplacia, so I decided to get another Airedale. Charlie is from SAR working breeding and melted my heart from the pictures shared over the internet until I picked him up. I let the breeder select the right puppy for me and have never regretted that decision.

"With Charlie in my life, I was introduced to other Airedales through the internet Airedale lists. Through the lists I immediately was drawn to the community of Airedale lovers sharing their stories about their lives with these wonderful dogs. My enthusiasm grew and expanded and finally took over my art. Charlie became the instrument of my true love of this breed. Thelma crept into my works, too. Airedales have been woven into my life through my total devotion to my two companions, Thelma Louise Walkingdawg (12 years old) and Morning Star's Charlie Bear DAWG (six years old)."

Funny how the Airedale creeps or leaps into our lives and there is no turning back. With her great love for the breed, supporting rescue has come naturally to Bobbi - and support it she does! It began with a single cover illustration for To Aire is Divine (TAID). TAID Posters, TAID t-shirts, TAID prints & TAID note cards soon followed. Finally Bobbi started her own creations & series. Many of these works have been donated to various Airedale Rescue fundraisers & auctions, from The AFTERMATH written by Bill Austin, and all the artwork created from that story, to AESOP'S DAWGS and AIREFABLES.

AireLink has always been a key offering to Airedale Rescue fundraisers in the form of prints and note cards. Bobbi also designed t&345;shirts when National ADT RESCUE was short on funds. She has done custom illustrations for some Airedale Rescue Organizations, some artwork for the Airedale Quilting Bee and SWAT Rescue's Logo. It was created from Native influence and Airedales seeking forever homes.

Bobbi's Howliday offerings have always been a favorite of Airedale Rescue Clubs. She sends boxes of various prints to organizations to use as they need. She has also donated some very special high-end pieces for rescue groups to use.

From all of us at National Rescue, I would like to take this opportunity to thank Bobbi Sparr for her support of Airedales in need.

Two of Bobbi's fabulous pieces are featured prizes in Dolly's fundraiser; along with ornaments by Michelle (Prize A) and a crate cover/photo frame prize package by Andréa Denninger (Prize B). Michelle & Andréa are both rescue heroes too! Check out everyone's work!

Prize C is the Airefable story board & Prize D is the Aesop's DAWGS storyboard. Scroll down the page to take a look



. . . here with Cari & Rico "helping" her sew Crate Covers, Belly Band Covers & Doggie 'Danas
(The machine's been replaced; the "helpers" remain the same)