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Gayle Kiesow writes:

Brindle Jane Doe & red wheaten June Bug
came from a breeder in Iowa,
via West Hancock Rescue group in Hamilton, Illinois.
Bob & I picked them up today and took them to our local CRUSA vet,
Rescued Hearts Vet Clinic in Pekin, Illinois.
Guessing both are approximately four years old.

They are in great shape, other than their nails & their smell;
vet tech said they have a barn smell so guess they were kept
in a barn before the breeder released them.
Cute, playful, want to be loved & held;
typical mill dogs, not knowing what a leash is nor grass.
They seemed amazed that they were not confined
once they were in the yard . . . total freedom!

Jane Doe is being fostered by Bob & Gayle in Illinois until 21 September,
then she's moving in with Joe & Shannon Radosevich, Wisconsin.


June Bug is being fostered by Keith Hembrey in Illinois.


I am betting these two little ones will move quickly,
as sweet & loving as they are.

More news - they came from a Moulton, Iowa,
breeder who until recently had NINE different breeds.
All her schnauzers & Cairns are now gone,
but there are seven breeds left that rescue workers
want to eventually get from her,
most of which appear to be in good shape.

JD & JB are approximately three years old,
per the breeder; they were never given names.

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On 20 October, Shell Lewis writes:

Wanda & Dale Adkins of Illinois had previously adopted a pup from CRUSA;
as of a few weeks ago, they're also the proud parents of Jane Doe
(now Maggie Moo), a little retired brood bitch released
to CRUSA from a breeder in Moulton, Iowa.

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On 24 December, Barbara Miller writes:

Just an update on June Bug:
She has been adopted by Jeff & Marilyn Royle;
I will be transporting her to them on 5 January 2013.
Keith Hembrey is bringing her from Peoria to Joliet,
where I will pick her up and drive her to Stevensville, Michigan,
where I will meet Marilyn & Jeff.
What a great way to start the New Year -
placing a wonderful little girl in a great home where she will be spoiled.

On 9 January 2013, Marilyn writes:

Lost our camera during
the transport so the pictures
are after we got home and not great.

She is doing extremely well.
We changed her name to Katie
and she already knows it,
and like all Cairns,
comes when she wants to!


She loves me most and wants lots of attention,
but is learning (a little) how to share my love with Frosty & Jeff.
She follows me everywhere,
and Frosty follows her (he is mesmerized with her,
which is an absolute shock since he never
likes any of the new dogs we bring here).


Marilyn holds Katie & Frosty,
who does NOT look happy about the new girl in town!

She is very BUSY - likes to move clean laundry to different rooms,
likes to pick up anything from a closet with an open door,
loves to check out our pantry when the door doesn't latch all the way.
Yesterday I saw her dashing through our bedroom with some of
my clean socks - finally found them a while later.

She has not had an accident in the house yet - knock on wood.
She is pretty skinny, but loves to eat, so we will fatten her up quite soon.
She loves our daily walks in the woods,
and we will be working on leash walking.
I am sure she will become more independent of me in time,
and we will be working on that too.

She finally slept through the night in her crate
for the first time since we got her (yay!).

I know Gypsy is telling her the rules of our house
and smiling her approval from the Rainbow Bridge.
[Gypsy can be seen HERE]

Thank you, Shell & Gayle, for helping to bring this sweet little girl into our lives,
thanks to Barb for arranging the transport and transporting Katie to us,
and to Keith Hembrey (foster dad) for transporting her to meet Barb,
so we could get her in one day!
Fabulous CRUSA volunteers, can't say enough!

Barb replies:

Thanks for the updates on Katie.
She sounds like she has taken over the house, Frosty & your lives.
I am so glad I was able to help get her to you & Jeff.
I love being able to help transport these cute loves
and get them into loving furever homes.
I could tell when I met Keith that he loved her
and would sorely miss her.

On 11 January, Shell Lewis writes:

I'm sure most of you know Marilyn Royle of Michigan.
She & husband Jeff are tireless CRUSA volunteers who have
fostered, conducted home visits and most notably,
Marilyn edits our superb monthly online newsletter,
Carin' for Cairns. This past fall,
Marilyn & Jeff lost their beloved Norwich, Gypsy,
leaving a huge hole in their hearts & their home.
But this past week a little retired breeder girl named June Bug
(now Katie) became a permanent member of the Royle household.

A big CRUSA thanks to Keith Hembrey who fostered June Bug;
Midwest Intakes Director Gayle Kiesow & hubby Bob
who subbed for Keith when he went to Europe;
Barb Miller of Indiana who helped move June Bug in the right direction;
and mostly to Marilyn & Jeff for giving this little gal such a bright future!


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