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Marilyn Royle writes:

Jazz is an owner surrender from Michigan who has been through some difficult circumstances and two previous owners. She came from a well-known and respected breeder in Michigan and seemed to have a perfect start to her life.


But her life took a downturn when the first owner had a baby, then went through a divorce and sold Jazz through the newspaper to the second owner.


The second owner, a single mom with three children, lost her job and is losing her house, so she gave up her two dogs to rescue organizations. We were fortunate that Jazz's owner loved Jazz enough to surrender her to CRUSA, instead of abandoning her or leaving her on the doorsteps of an animal control facility, as we have seen happen during these dire economic times.

Jazz is very sweet & gentle, about seven years old. She had lived with three young children and a Chow mix with no problems. The children have hugged her, sat on her, slept on her, etc. with no challenges from Jazz.


Jazz is now being fostered by Marilyn & Jeff Royle. So far she has been a near-perfect Cairn - sweet & gentle; she actually listens, and usually comes when called (unlike other terriers who have been in the Royle household!). She learns fast and figures things out very quickly - which couch she is allowed to sit on, and where she needs to move when her foster Mom sits down.


She wants to play at the Royle household, but resident Norwich Terriers Frosty & Gypsy are rather stodgy, and it takes a lot to get them going. But she and Frosty will play with squeaky toys together, and we will be working with on her ball retrieving capabilities, as she shows promise there!! She is crate-trained and has learned to eat in her crate so that food-aggressive Gypsy won't steal her food from her.

It didn't take us long to figure out, though, that Jazz had a serious medical problem. She urinated multiple times and for a long time any time she was taken out, and appeared to be straining. She also would not eat her dry food.


I took her to the vet a couple of days after we got her, and he found at that first visit that she has at least one very large bladder stone and possibly more that the x-ray did not uncover. She is also badly in need of some dental work. The vet found several abscessed teeth, and it made me realize why she could not chew up her dry food. (now I put water on top of it, and she loves it!)

She is such a wonderful girl that she does not have accidents in the house, but patiently waits at the back door until her foster mom or dad can take her out. She sometimes needs to go out every 1 to 2 hours in the daytime; she sleeps through the night without complaint despite the pain she must be in.


She follows her foster mom everywhere and her eyes are SO expressive,
especially after we had her groomed and we could see them.
She is simply a beautiful girl, both inside & out.

Rebecca (our groomer) just took a little off her face and trimmed her up a bit.
She is simply gorgeous! And Rebecca remarked on how well
she behaved during the grooming. Jazz loved Rebecca's little Yorkie
and her two big Northern dogs.

The vet felt that surgery would be a better solution than change in diet only,
although her diet will need to change once we know what kind of stones these are.


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