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21 JULY 2013

Shell Lewis writes:

Four-year-old Joey came to CRUSA's attention via a Craiglist ad.

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I phoned Joey's owner, a very nice woman who
had purchased Joey off Craiglist herself.
She had only had Joey for a couple of days,
but he was showing aggression towards her young son
and she felt it best to rehome him [Joey, not the son].
A wise decision.

Were it not for the efforts of CRUSA's
Midwest Transport Coordinator Barb Kiesow Miller,
we never could have brought Joey into our adoption program.
With very short notice, Barb worked out a transport from
Traverse City, Michigan (way up north)
to Farmington Hills, Michigan,
where Joey is now in foster care with Ann & Bill Troia,
who adopted Buddy from me a number of years ago.
[Buddy was a member of CRUSA's ROLO 8 Rescue Mission,
July 2010. His story can be read HERE]

Transporters on today's
route included Al & Jan Sheffield
(always so eager to help),
Marilyn && Jeff Royle
[Marilyn holds Joey at right]
(what WOULD we do without them?)
and of course the Troia's.
This is Ann & Bill's
first time fostering for CRUSA
and we're so grateful
that they stepped forward.



Ann & Bill Troia

Little is known about Joey, but thus far,
he has proven to be sweet and full of kisses. Updates to come.



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