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On 20 December,
Linda Savage writes:

Katie came into CRUSA
when her family
became homeless and
was living in a car.
Katie's first owners
were an elderly couple who could
no longer take care of Katie
and gave her to the family who later
became homeless.

Katie was picked up from the
MASPCA in Boston, Massachusetts
by Suzy Winchester and taken to
Bob McMurray, her foster Dad.



Bob McMurray writes:

Katie is a cheerful, upbeat, good-natured little
seven-year-old, 18-pound Cairn.
She's very smart and learns very quickly when corrected.
She can be a little "barky" at times when
she gets a little too excited, but will stop when she's told.
She has no aggressive tendencies at all.
She's very affectionate, adapts well to new surroundings,
and & readily to her new foster Dad.
She loves to chase and fetch the tennis ball.
She comes when you call her,
but usually after a few seconds of consideration.
She tolerates baths pretty well and can be picked up & handled as well.
She's one of the nicer dogs I ever had to foster for CRUSA.
She is a sweetheart.


She's friendly towards other dogs and makes friends immediately
(and with cats & children, too, according to the shelter).


Katie loves to go for walks and walks pretty well on lead.

Katie came into CRUSA with very dry skin and a
urinary tract infection (UTI), which is being treated with antibiotics.
I can't tell if she is house-trained because of the UTI,
but she is going on puppy pads. She is otherwise a very healthy
& energetic little girl who likes to sleep in her crate.
Under all that ear hair there is a cute Cairn terrier.

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Linda writes:

Katie went to the Holyoke Animal Hospital on 20 December
for a routine spay and micro-chipping.
While Katie was under anesthesia,
the vet found a bladder stone the size of an egg.
She removed the stone and sent it off to be biopsied.
CRUSA was not prepared for this bladder stone.
Holyoke Animal Hospital gave CRUSA a discount;
the total vet bill for blood work (because of her age and
having been seen by a vet for who-knows-how-long),
spaying & micro-chipping was $647.58.
CRUSA is looking for donation to help pay for Katie's vet bill.

Thank You and Merry Christmas!

Suzy adds:

Katie has the most easy-going & lovable temperament.
In our short time together, I fell in love with her.
She readily gave kisses, walked easily on leash,
and was completely receptive to any interaction.

Linda continues:

Dr. Henderson from Holyoke Animal Hospital told me
that her stone is called a struvite stone.
(There was also some calcium phosphate in it.)
This is a bacterial problem.
This magnesium ammonium phosphate type of stone
forms primarily as a result of infection. If we clear up the infection,
we should be able to clear up her issues with her urinating inappropriately.
The qualitative stone analysis and physical appearance was
one bladder stone plus pieces, tan in color, shape was irregular,
surface was rough, and the size was 35X27X10.

Foster Dad Bob says that there is no longer any blood in her urine,
she is going without any problems and lets him know
when she needs to go outside. So he says she is pretty much housebroken.

Thank you everyone who helped this little girl get
a new healthy start in her life with CRUSA.


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