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13 JUNE 2012


Shell Lewis writes:

Kiwi is a seven-year-old Cairn boy
brought to our attention through a Craigslist ad.
He is an intact male who was living in an impoverished,
high-crime area on the west side of Chicago.
His owner is disabled, has very little mobility
and has no money with which to care for her dogs.


Kiwi at Animal Care Hospital of Geneva


Daisy at Elmwood Grove Animal Hospital

In addition to Kiwi,
there was a nine-year-old female
in the home named Daisy.

Kiwi & Daisy have been bred
several times over the years,
producing at least three litters.
It is disturbing to think that
these two were producing
terrier pups that were re-homed
in an area known for drugs,
violence & dogfighting gangs.

After a bit of "coaxing"
(and an offer of money),
the owner agreed to give up
Daisy in addition to Kiwi.
I picked them both up this morning.

Despite the fact that the dogs were living in incredibly sad
surroundings, they are very friendly & well-socialized.
But they are also filthy beyond belief.
While not evident in the pictures,
their hair is matted & disgustingly dirty.
Their nails are long and curled under.
I've seen my fair share of mill dogs,
but these dogs put most mill dogs to shame.
Suffice it to say that all the windows in my van
were rolled down on the ride home.


Daisy left & Kiwi right

Surprisingly, both seem to be in pretty good shape.
Their weight is good; they are bright & alert.
The female has a number of mammary tumors
(common in senior intact females);
while she is under for her spay today,
they'll do a biopsy to ensure they are benign.

After her spay, Daisy will go into foster care with Don & Lisa Baier;
Kiwi is being neutered today, then go into foster care with Jeanne Landers,
both in Illinois. I am already speaking to prospective applicants
about both dogs and while they won't officially be available
for adoption for another couple of weeks,
I have no doubt they'll both land in excellent homes.

Daisy's vetting today will exceed $900
(driven in large part by the tumor biopsy).


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