On 3 May, Shell writes:

Hello, all! Just wanted to provide some additional information on your pups. Spoke with Dr. Tolliver this morning and everyone is doing very well. Stacey and Scott . . . you'll want to read the following, too, as you'll probably have to administer some of these meds.

General information for all foster parents - Please remember to check with me prior to scheduling any vet appointments unless it's for one of the conditions described below . . . or if it's an emergency and you can't reach me. Thanks!

Dr. T. feels that 1/2-cup of food, twice a day is a good amount for these guys. We strongly recommend Natural Balance Nutro (available at Petsmart) as it contains no corn. Otherwise, think in terms of a high-quality, readily-available dog food with no corn. If you have questions about that, please feel free to ask.

Your dog received both Heartgard (for heartworms) and Frontline (for fleas & ticks) on 1 May and will need another of both on 1 June and then every month thereafter. I'm sending some Sentinel (small tablet in green package) and Frontline Plus to Dr. Tolliver today to include in her paperwork to you. The Sentinel is for Heartworm. Please make sure you give these to your dog on the first of every month, starting in June. I've provided you with enough for a couple of months; if you run out, just let me know.

Your dog will also come with a CRUSA nametag. Please keep a harness, collar and nametag on your dog at all times. If the harness that your dog comes with is too small or too big, please buy another one at Walmart (best prices!) and send me the receipt and I'll reimburse you.

Here's some more additional info for each of you!

Peaches - Shelley & Paul Joyce - Peaches has a condition called "dry eye" which is quite common in mill dogs. Basically, she does not produce tears, so she has to be "supplemented" with moisture. She'll need to have eye drops given twice a day, every 12 hours. Dr. Tolliver reports that Peaches is easy to handle and a sweet little girl.

Follow-up for Peaches - Peaches should see your vet in about a week just to follow up on her dry eye and to make sure the drops are working effectively. While there, please have him check her ears as well to make sure the mites are gone. Shelley, once you've made your vet appointment, just let me know and I'll call ahead with the credit card number.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Zoe - Pam Simpson - Zoe came in with ear mites and a bad ear infection that has been treated with steroids and she'll continue to be treated with other medication which Dr. T is sending along. Zoe is very friendly and social and easy to handle.

Follow-up for Zoe - Zoe will need to be re-checked by your vet in about a week just to make sure that the that the ear problem is under control. Pam . . . let me when you make her follow-up appointment and I'll call your vet and give them our credit card information.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Foxy - Pat Messer - Foxy came in with a bad case of ear mites like the other dogs but they've been treated. She's a sweet dog and fairly well-socialized and easy to handle. She is on no medication at this time. Pat . . . watch for ear scratching. If it seems that she's doing it a lot, let me know and we'll have her re-checked for the mites. Otherwise . . . she shouldn't need to see a vet unless you think it's warranted.

On 5 May, Shell writes:


In order to "spread the love", Liana will be getting little Zoe. We're giving Pam a break from her fostering duties, but don't worry, Pam . . . we'll get you next time!

Andréa, as Liana won't be available until Monday, can you get Zoe from Scott & Greg and watch her until then? Zoe does have some meds that she'll need and I'll forward you both that information separately.

Otherwise . . . I think we're good to go!

And later that evening comes the good news:

Stacey picked up the pups about an hour ago and they're headed back home to St. Louis. She said they're adorable and very sweet.

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