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APRIL 2006


The intermediary who obtained these furkids took them to Dr. Deanna Tolliver, a WONDERFUL vet in Missouri and rescue hero who has saved and turned over to rescue groups like CRUSA hundreds of Missouri mill dogs; not just Cairns, but also Pugs, Papillons, Westies, etc. The number of Cairns she has helped since January 2004 exceeds 200.

When mill dogs arrive at Dr. Tolliver's, she contacts a rescuer for that particular dog breed whom she trusts and feels comfortable working with, to get the dogs to safety. For Cairns, that person has been Aly Schwartz, someone who is very well-known in Cairn rescue for her dedication to rescuing mill Cairns. Aly contacted us and we were happy to help these furkids.

At Dr. Tolliver's, each dog received a rabies shot, distemper-parvo combo shot, bordatella shot, was spayed/neutered, had his/her teeth cleaned and extracted as necessary, was tested for heartworm & brucellosis, was treated for parasites with Drontal Plus (mill dogs always test positive) and for earmites, got his/her first heartworm preventive & Frontline, and also had a first bath in YEARS and a first nail trim (the nails of mills dogs will often curl from not having been cut in YEARS). They were also quarantined for ten days.

The cost to us was approximately $350 per dog after discount, or $1730 for The Missouri 5. The same vetting would be much higher elsewhere. These dogs will need additional vet care once in foster care, particularly more extensive dental work, as only their immediate needs are taken care of by Dr. Tolliver and her staff. More health issues, such as urinary tract infections, additional extractions and atrophied muscles, usually surface once the foster homes have the opportunity to observe the dogs in a home setting.

In our case, Dr. Tolliver's staff even went to a local Walmart at our request to buy extra crates for the transport of the kids, as well as collars, harnesses & leads as we did not have sufficient lead time to order these online for the transport. The costs were charged to our credit card, but it saved us having to find someone local to buy them.

And yes, the kids have had a bath. Mill dogs, especially those from Missouri & Kansas, require many subsequent baths to get rid of the mill smell, so when you first get them, you may think that they need a bath badly, but really they have had one. It just takes time and many, many, many baths to get rid of years of clogged pores & accumulated dirt.


Donation information and links are available on the last page of this site . . . please consider helping these and the many other Cairns in need. TIA.

Rescued as puppymill surrenders in Missouri,
Scott Lubert & Greg Martin pick up these pups on Saturday, 8 April,
driving to Missouri from Wisconsin,
and returning on the same day.

Shell Lewis, our Commander, writes:

[It's] 4 p.m. and just got off the phone with Scott & Greg, our transporters. They have the pooches. Making great time. They're in Springfield, Illinois, about five hours from home. Dogs are all adorable. Kathy is extremely shy. He said a couple of them are so outgoing that they're basically "ready to go". All need baths. One barks every time the car stops. One gets car sick. Sounds like a fun trip!


Birdy, who will overnight with Scott & Greg,
and then go to Racine, WI to Pam & Steve Simpson . . .


. . . as will Pam (yes, dog name same as Foster Mom).


The Captain, who will spend the weekend in Kenosha with
Andréa, VetteMan, April, Cari & Rico,
and then go to FosterMom Marge in Batavia, IL . . .


. . . as will Kathy.


Tenille, who will overnight with Andréa, VetteMan,
April, Cari & Rico,
then travel to Rock Island, IL to be fostered by
Micky & David Jerome and their two Westies.

For those who wonder what condition "mill dogs" are in when CRUSA rescues them, here are the vet reports for The Missouri 5:


Left ear has a healed hematoma (some scarring)
Yeast infection in both ears, treating with Animax
Spay - routine
Dental - many extractions
Negative for Heartworm and Brucellosis


Earmites; treated with Acarexx
Neuter surgery - routine
Dental - many extractions, infected gums
Started on amoxicillin
Negative for Heartworm & Brucellosis


Earmites; treated with Acarexx
Spay surgery - routine
Dental - two extractions
Negative for Heartworm and Brucellosis


Earmites; treated with Acarexx
Thin skin, dandruff, a little greasy; no skin mites
Recommended: frequent medicated baths
Spay Surgery - routine; in heat
Dental - routine, no extractions
Negative for Heartworm and Brucellosis


Earmites; treated with Acarexx
Dry eye; started on Optimmune
Spay Surgery - routine; in heat
Dental - no extractions
Dry skin, maybe seborrhea
Recommended: frequent medicated baths
May possibly have some hind limb lameness. It is difficult to evaluate because she is reluctant to walk in exam rooms and in large rooms, and is tense and a little afraid. Will try to evaluate further before she leaves.
Negative for Heartworm and Brucellosis

All the dogs have been vaccinated for Rabies, DHPP (distemper, parvo, hepatitis, and parainfluenza), and Bordetella (Kennel cough), all have been given Drontal Plus for deworming, Interceptor, and Frontline.

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