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10 JULY 2010


BJ Isaacs holds new OS, Molly Mae

BJ Isaacs writes:

Molly Mae was an OS whose owners didn't clean her eyes.
When Martha Watson, Peggy Nalley & I met him in Ohio to get Molly,
her eyes were awful. While trying to get the eye gunk off,
it literally pulled off her skin.
We immediately headed for the vet.


To be honest, I was so angry when I saw her little eyes,
I wanted to go beat the daylights of of the owner.
When he called to check on her later that night,
I asked Peggy to answer my phone, I was too angry to speak with him.
So, Peggy did . . . now her story . . . .


Peggy writes:

Miss Molly was a mess when we got her.
The owner said that she had gotten a bath,
but for the life of me, I'm still trying to
figure out what kind of bath. Her hair was matted,
her eyes hadn't been cleaned for a month of Sundays.
I also was livid when I saw her eyes.
BJ was right when she said that when I tried to get the gunk off,
it bled like crazy and you could see a hole left from
where the skin was so inflamed & infested.


I did speak to the owner and I was as polite as I could be,
but I did give him a ear-full when he said his wife
couldn't clean her eyes. I asked him what was his problem
and why didn't he do it then. He told me it was his
wife's responsibility; I politely told him it was his too.

I proceeded to let him know how bad her eyes were and
pretty much told him that they neglected her and
that I was glad they surrendered her.
They have yet to this day call and ask she how she is doing.
She is so much better off with CRUSA &Martha.


Martha writes:

It was truly one of the most disgusting things I have ever seen.
She literally had HUGE accumulations of hardened eye goo under her eyes -
they stuck out about a half inch and hung down at least
three-quarters of an inch. It had to be uncomfortable for her.

None of us could believe that they would have allowed her eyes to get so bad.
The owner said it "bothered" Molly to have her eyes cleaned,
so they had the vet or groomer take care of it.
His wife couldn't bear to do anything to upset her.


We found out at the vet that her nails were so long and
curled under that she was also having difficulty walking.
She was about as round as she was tall.
She was seriously neglected and did not seem
to mind any attention any of us gave to her.

She came back to Indianapolis with me on Sunday and
settled into a house with three other dogs -
two Cairns & a sheltie.

At first she seemed to want to spend a good bit of time in her crate,
but as she became more comfortable,
she spent more & more time away from her crate.
Now she typically lies in the middle of the living room floor.


After about a week, she initiated play with Oliver, our male Cairn.
At first he was pretty surprised, but he quickly got into it
and the two of them chased each other around and wrestled.
Now this is a daily occurrence. I was in tears because I hadn't
been sure that she would ever do anything like that.
Molly truly is a Cairn and now acts like one!

She is excited to see us when we come home and greets us
along with the others. She is thrilled to go on walks,
which is great because she needs to slim down from her
chunky 18 pounds to a weight much more appropriate to her petite frame.

She LOVES food and needs to continue to learn manners where it is concerned.
Her prior owners must have fed her from the table because
she has a tendency to bark for table food.
The barking goes unrewarded now
and she is learning that she gets small amounts of kibble
twice a day and an occasional dog treat.

She is a very cute and sweet little girl who needs
some love and one-on one-attention.

You know the icing on the cake with the whole situation
is that we live in a northeast side suburb of Indianapolis,
near where Molly's prior owners are moving.
I gave them my business card because he said he wanted to follow up
and check on her and Peggy is right . . . not once have we heard from them.

At this point I am truly thankful that we haven't
because I would not allow them to see her again for her
own benefit & protection, but if they truly cared for her . . .
it certainly would have been easy enough for them to make contact,
but clearly they choose not to.


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