Gayle writes:

Murphy was an owner-surrender
after almost nine years from a couple in Michigan
who told different stories at different times
why they were kicking him to the curb.
Moving, cannot take him with us and new puppy,
eight months old, would not leave Murphy alone
and Murphy was getting unhappy about it.
The most disgusting was the statement on the
owner-surrender form where they stated
that they "wished he were younger".
So obviously he had worn out his welcome
in the home he had had since he was a pup.

He actually came to our attention through
a friend of CRUSA in Kansas with whom
we have worked before and wheels were
put in motion to get Murphy into a loving home,
where he would be appreciated for the
grand guy he has turned out to be.


My thanks to all who answered
my emails for a foster home;
Ruth & Randy Reed
from Michigan got back to me first,
saying they would be happy to have
Murphy join their home as a foster.

My thanks to Peg Emond in Michigan
for stepping up right away
to pick up Murphy and keep him
a night or two until a foster home was found.
Not only did Peg pick him up,
keep him for a couple of nights,
but then she drove to Ann Arbor
to meet the Reeds.
Without Peg, this intake would not
have gone as smoothly as it did.

Thanks to Peg & the Reeds for
coming forward to help Murphy.


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