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4 MAY 2008

Subject: Report on Odie, submitted March 2008
Date: Sun, 4 May 2008 15:05:05 -0500
To: The _____ County Animal Control Officer
By: _____
Re: Animal cruelty offense against Odie, a Cairn Terrier owned by _____


At approximately 7:00 PM on Thursday, March 20, 2008, I received a phone call from a neighbor, _____. Ms. _____ inquired as whether I had any penicillin. I told her I did not, and asked what she needed it for. She said that she couldn't tell me. I asked her if she were ill. She said no and continued to say that she couldn't tell me what was wrong.

She then said "It's Odie" (her small Cairn terrier dog). I asked what was wrong with the dog. She said, "He's just not acting right". I asked what his symptoms were. She continued to refuse to tell me what the problem was and stated she didn't want me to see him. I told her that I had some Keflex (antibiotic) that I kept on hand for our dogs, but first I would need to examine Odie to determine what his illness was and if medications were warranted.

She continued to decline to tell me what was wrong with the dog and I continued to press her, stating that I couldn't help the dog if I didn't know what was wrong. She finally stated, "There's been an act of vandalism committed against Odie". I asked her just what the hell she was talking about. She said three times that she "couldn't have the police or a vet involved".


After more questioning, she told me that "Somebody wrapped a rubber band around his balls". I told her to bring the dog over and I would examine him and remove the band. When she did not appear within a few moments, I went to her home and was admitted to the house by _____, the homeowner and Ms. _____'s S/O.

Upon entering, I immediately saw Odie on the couch on my left. I picked him up and observed that his testicles (it was later determined that it was only one testicle) were wrapped tightly three times with a thick, teal blue-green, elastic ponytail hair band. The testicle was blackened, swollen, and gangrenous. The lower abdominal testicular area was reddened, infected, edematous, and weeping. There was a strong, foul odor of putrefying tissue. I informed Ms. _____ that I was taking the dog to my home to remove the band, as the lighting was better and my scissors and forceps were there.

I picked up Odie and took him to my house, with Ms. _____ following behind me. My husband _____ held the dog tightly while I attempted to loosen the band to cut it away. The elastic band had adhered to the dog's skin and underlying tissue. The entire affected area was quite painful, as evidenced by the dog's struggling and crying and yelping and attempting to bite us. This procedure was causing the dog great pain, so I stopped and gave him a pain pill (Rimadyl 25 mg.).


I then called my veterinarian, Dr. _____, at the _____ Clinic in _____ and advised him of the situation. I informed him that that I believed it would be better to have surgery performed now rather than waiting until the next day. Dr. _____ advised that he would meet us at the clinic in about 30 minutes. While I was on the phone, Ms. _____ cut the bottom third portion of the elastic band with the scissors. I took the scissors from her and cut the second segment free, then used the forceps to pull the band off the gangrenous testicle.

While removing the band from the animal, I questioned Ms. _____ about when this had been done to the dog and who had done it. I repeatedly accused her of applying the band to the dog's testicles and she repeatedly denied it.

Later she stopped denying it and said, "I don't remember doing it". She stated that she hadn't had a (alcoholic) drink for a week. She first said the band had been on the dog's testicles for a week. She later said it had only been since Tuesday or Wednesday, which would have been only 1-2 days prior. I told her that the band had obviously been on the dog longer than 1-2 days.

I questioned her as to why she had permitted the animal to suffer for what was probably a week and she stated that she hadn't done it to the dog. She had no answer as to why she hadn't removed the band sooner or taken the dog to a veterinarian. I told Ms._____ I was taking the dog to my vet and she thanked us for helping her. I told her to get out of my house, as we were leaving.


On the way out of _____, at approximately 7:30 PM, I stopped at the home of the Animal Control Officer, _____. I briefly explained to her what had been done to the dog and she came to the car and observed the dog's injury. She remarked on the foul odor and the obvious infection. She asked if I had a camera to take pictures and I replied that I had my camera with me, and that I was waiting to take any photos until the dog had been sedated by the vet, since the area was so painful.

She stated that the following day was Good Friday and the courthouse was closed. I told her that the dog would remain at the vet's for the night and that after he was discharged, I would take him to my home for further care and treatment, since he couldn't receive adequate care at the pound during the long Easter holiday.

_____ and I met with Dr. _____ at his office at approximately 8 PM and he sedated the dog. I photographed the dog's injured genital area. Dr. _____ then ligated and removed the gangrenous testicle. The second testicle was in the abdominal cavity and hadn't been banded by the inept perpetrator. It was also removed during the surgery. Antibiotic powder was applied liberally to the wound and the infected area was left open to drain. Two intramuscular penicillin injections were administered. The sedated dog was carried to a cage for the night and we left the clinic.

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