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3 MAY 2017

Linda writes:

Bonny had a great night. I put her in a small kennel that they sent with her.
She is a bright, happy little dog. Trots around yard exploring everything.
Still a little intimidated by my three. Border puppy is just over a year,
so he is a bit much for her. We are making Quinn show some respect,
as Bonny is so sweet. She has been very good with my three;
no growls, just keeps standing back out of the way.


Bonny "helping" in the garden

Just sat down with my coffee. She is next to me on left side,
Brit on right. I have a book and coffee; what could be better.

She is on Pedigree canned dog food. They sent a lot of it.
Wondered if some of her allergies are from cheap dog food.

Bonny had dental done last year with two teeth pulled.
Her coat is a little scraggly.
Son-in-law said they bathe with special shampoo.

BJ writes:

Yes, please get her off that nasty food.
I would say she has food allergy, probably not fleas.
I think she was loved by the Mom,
but she probably didn't know about "good food".

On 4 May, Linda writes:

Bonny had good night. Gets more bouncy and happy. Fun little girl.

(As no one was found to bring Bonny from Panama City to Ocala,
she would be staying with Linda until Memorial Day.
Meanwhile, I was still househunting.)

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. . . AND MOVES ON . . .

5 MAY 2017

In the morning, Jackie writes:

She will be in Brandon/Tampa area tonight.
I will be picking her up in Brandon at 6 p.m.
Andréa, are you ready for her?

My reply:

No, but I'll take her anyway! What happened????

Patricia Yarnot adds:

Wow, don't know how this happened so quickly,
but methinks Bonnie was anxious to get to you, Andréa.
Maybe she heard about our play dates and wanted in on the fun.

I can't wait to welcome her. Don't worry about the other stuff,
you can always call on me to help out.

(The "other stuff"
Patricia was referring to was our offer having been accepted
on a new house AND having to prepare this house to sell.
All in good time . . . dogs first, then houses.)

Jackie replies:

Someone shared my post on FaceBook to a Fox Terrier group and
a lot of people started posting and sending to people they knew.
Someone knows someone who is going from Panama City
to Tampa today. She was asked if she would take her
if I could get Bonny to her. So Linda got ready real quick and
meet her on I-10 somewhere and they are about two hours
out right now. I will leave in about 30 minutes to ensure I find
where I'm going and the traffic doesn't hold me up.

Patricia adds:

Bonny wanted to be here and will be welcomed fully into her new home.
Plus she has two new aunties to contend with on play dates.


Bonny's vet appointment is Monday, 3:20 p.m.,
with Dr. Hathaway. Of course.


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