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Lynn O'Shaughnessy of SOAR

Remember the 27 Henderson Airedales from Kentucky?
Most were adopted by loving families who formed a group
to stay in touch with each other. They call themselves HART
- Henderson Airedales Rebuilding Together.
Two-year-old Luna is one of the Henderson Airedales.

On 3 November, Little Luna was picked up from one of the
HART families due to some unfortunate circumstances.
Pat, who is now her foster mom, wanted to do right by Luna and
was going to pay for the vet care Luna needed
and then look for another home for her.

What Pat found was that Luna had a number of larger medical concerns
that put the cost of that vet care out of her reach.
Luna has two cyst-like lumps . . .
one under her ear that was oozing and one on her hip.
The two lumps did not look good.

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The biggest concern, however, was that she was not walking right
and seemed to have some hip problems. She was sedated for a hip x-ray.

The x-ray was
most heartbreaking.
Her hips are miserable
and this stoic girl is in pain.
Her left hip is bone on bone
and easily pops in and out;
this is the one causing her pain.
Her right hip socket is nonexistent,
and the top of the leg bone
shows a healed break.
It appears that she was hit
extremely hard on that side,
perhaps by a car at an early age.
If not by a car,
it could been she was kicked,
or maybe stepped on as a pup,
and received no medical care.


The muscle mass
on this side
is so great that it is
what allows her
to walk as well as she does;
the muscles are
holding her together.
She is trying to
lessen the pain
by standing
with her back legs together
when standing in one spot.

While SOAR made calls to put a plan in motion
for Luna to see an orthopedic vet,
Pat worked with her vet to get Luna some immediate relief.
Luna is now on pain meds and an anti-inflammatory for her hip.
She takes the pills so long as they are wrapped in cheese of some kind.
Luna is also a bit overweight for her frame.
She is about 19-1/2 inches tall, and weighs 52.6 pounds.

Despite being in a new home
and being poked and prodded,
Luna has been very calm.
She sleeps in a crate,
but did take some coaxing
to get her to go in;
she has not made a peep
throughout the night.
She does long to go outside
most of the time, though.


Luna gets along with Pat's two dogs, Britta & Connor,
although her ears are still back most of the time.


Luna (left), Connor (back) & Britta

November 5, 2014:

Pat decided she wanted to drive with Luna to
the SOAR orthopedic vet in Cincinnati,
stay the night or two for the surgery and drive her home.
SOAR volunteer Mary O'Connell, made all the arrangements
for the orthopedic vet visit with an initial consult on Monday
(10 November) and possible surgery on Tuesday.
The ortho vet said he would also remove the two growths
so Luna didn't have to be put under twice.

Not only that, Mary offered Pat a place to stay with her
and her two Airedales, Sammie & Rosie.
Mary has a very big heart! A plan is now in place.


Luna says thank you
sends her love.


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