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On 25 August 2003: Anna update from Jennifer Miller

Anna was discharged on Friday, August 22 from the University of Minnesota Small Animal Hospital. She didn't show much interest in bearing weight on her two back legs that first day and cried easily from pain. That evening she stood on her own (supported with a towel) and voided. A first step . . . unfortunately it was a hot weekend here in Minnesota, because she loves to lie outside in the yard and watch the happenings in the neighborhood.

She is able to somehow scoot around a few feet from her initial resting spot and then when she is tired of lying down, she attempts to sit up. We then go for a little walk around the yard (supported) for 5-10 minutes, usually two or three times a day. She was particularly restless on Sunday afternoon, very hot, so we walked around the living room - she enjoyed sniffing the other dogs. I think she is developing a trust with us and is warming to her surroundings after a few days

I hope the weather continues to be cool so she can enjoy her time outside - it breaks up the monotony of sitting in the house. She appears to be healing well and is on an antibiotic and Rimadyl, which she will be off of in a week. Next Tuesday she gets her stitches out.

Monday was a watershed day for Anna! Around midday I left her comfortably outside while I ran back in the house for five minutes. Usually she sits in one spot, but not today! By the time I returned, she had gotten up and walked ten feet to stand in the shade of a small bush. And it was a little tough to get her out!

Later this evening, she began digging up my husband's flower garden. I guess she's on the mend! She has shown an increased interest in walking on her own, without the towel support, which she now views as a hindrance. She has started whipping her head around biting on the towel. Not sure if this much walking so soon is good for her, so I called her surgeon and will find out tomorrow if we need to be more conservative with her walking.

She is a sweet, sweet young Airedale who likes to sniff, dig and explore.

On Friday, 19 September, comes the news:

Anna went in for her second surgery, an FHO on her back right hip, on Thursday, September 18 at the University of Minnesota Small Animal Hospital. Her surgeon, Dr, Anderson, felt that this hip wasn't healing properly on its own. We had been told with her initial surgery that this was a possibility - so we weren':t surprised, especially as she refused to bear weight on that back leg. She will be picked up this weekend to continue her recovery with John & Jennifer in Lakeville, Minnesota. She will be checked and x-rayed in a week to see how the surgery went.

We are looking forward to seeing her slow but steadily-improving progress. She is a young Airedale, very vocal and loves to chew. She especially loves our back yard where she can easily get up from a sitting position and walk unaided. The flowers in my husband':s flower garden are also favorites for her to eat and lie in.

On 27 October, Lynn O'Shaughnessy writes:

Anna continues to make great progress since her FHO surgery. In fact, she is almost like a completely different dog. She has a lot more spring in her step and a greater zest for living. We think she was in a great deal of pain after her first surgery (when her right hip was not healing properly), because she had a hard time sleeping through the night, due to discomfort. After the FHO, she was able to be more comfortable and sleep over eight hours! She is also more willing to take longer walks and is not so sedentary. Now, when you get up, Anna wants to follow you around the house - she's not as content to sit on her dog bed!

She visited her surgeon last week for a post-operative follow up and he found that her right hip (FHO) was developing fibrosis. We have increased her physical therapy and have some additional exercises for that hip and her left (curled) foot. Due to a more rigorous schedule of physical therapy, Anna will be taking an increased dosage of Rimadyl.

She really does not care for her physical therapy and must be muzzled - but once done, she is very forgiving! Over the weekend we noticed that an unexpected development from the new physical therapy was she is no longer draggingher left foot, which has suffered from nerve damage since the accident. She still limps on it, but is able to straighten it into a normal position.

We thank those who have remembered Anna with prayers, thoughts and donations towards her medical care. She is a very special Airedale who will now have a second chance at life - and she is ready for it!

August 2004: Here are pictures of ATRA Anna in her Forever Home with her new person, Nancy Davis.



All pictures used with the kind permission of Sidney


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