On Thursday, Sidney writes:

The outpouring of support has been wonderful. Here is an update:

Melissa & a friend are picking up eight of the Airedales today and those will be going to a volunteer in Prescott for the medical work, grooming and fostering.

The rest of the Airedales will be delivered to Phoenix tomorrow by the manager of the Humane Society & a friend.

We have had offers of kennel space from not only Airedale people, but Soft Coated Wheaten Terrier (SCWT) people, St. Bernard people and Briard people and it looks like we are going to be able to find places for all of them through the holidays and beyond. Hopefully we won't have to place any of them in a commercial kennel.

Some long-time listers will remember Roni, who is in SCWT rescue these days, but still has a soft spot in her heart for Airedales and helps Melissa in Phoenix. Roni not only got the word out to the world, but also works at the vet hospital where on Saturday, Sunday and, if necessary, Monday, a group of us will be doing a marathon bath, health check, tick dip & shearing session. We will then start delivering the dogs to their temporary foster homes.

We have been very fortunate in Arizona in that we are usually able to just about cover the costs involved in rescuing a dog (shelter fees, medical care) with the adoption fee. We are always slightly in the hole, but that is just part of Rescue. These numbers are overwhelming. Many people are donating their time and the vet is giving us a discount, but just the cost of neutering and spaying 19 dogs is going to be expensive.

If anyone would like to make a donation, it will be most gratefully received. Checks should be made payable to AARF [Arizona Airedale Rescue Foundation] and sent to:

c/o Melissa Moore
10403 N 38 St
Phoenix, AZ 85028-4015

You can also donate by using PayPal. I have put a "Make a Donation" button on the Arizona Airedale Rescue Foundation webpage.



On Friday, Sidney writes: Arizona Airedale Update

Eleven of the 19 are with Airedale Rescue: eight are with a volunteer in Prescott; Melissa has three in Phoenix, with the other eight being delivered today.

Melissa says all of them are totally unsocialized, think leashes are the devil's tool, and are so shy that some of them won't eat. What these dogs need, in terms of new owners are: big hearts, lots of patience, training and love.

Best guess is that the males are all Blacks and the females mostly black & tan, except for one who's red. We'll see what comes in today with the other eight, but that's Melissa's best estimate. Mostly gals, and a few black guys.

Actually, she says they look like Airedales pretending to be Black Russian Terriers. And one has a suppurating sore on his hip that doesn't seem to be responding to medication, but Melissa put some Novalsan on it and he acted very grateful and hasn't even tried to lick it off. Apparently not fence jumpers, but again, we'll see.


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