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On 12 May 1999, Sally wrote to ADT LOVERS LIST:

"I wanted to tell you all about my newest rescue, whom I call Mollie McGee. I got one of those 'can you help' urgent e-mails early last week amidst a sudden rash of other rescues which Saint Vivian handled. Things really got out of hand in this area for a while, and I was trying to work out how I could help her when this new 'call' came in about a young female Airedale in a shelter about an hour-and-a-half from St. Louis. I called right away, saying, "'I understand you have an Airedale...' blah, blah, blah, and made arrangement to get her. So on Thursday, Ron & I drove to Farmington, Missouri and got her. Guess what - she's not a full Airedale, though the manager swore she was. But what a cute, darling little girl she is!


"After comparing notes, Vivian & I feel that this is a sibling of Emily & Harry. Remember them - the poor, scared babies found by the roadside next to their dead Airedale mother? Emily & Harry are in their wonderful new home in Indiana now.

"The little female had been dumped by a farmer because she chased the cattle. Well, looking at her, you would surmise that she is half Sheltie/half Airedale. Duh - Sheltie? Herding instinct? I took along a new Premier collar which has been discussed at length, which she promptly backed out of in the parking lot. Geeeeez - mark my words - you need to 'know' this collar before you use it. It has to be adjusted just right and use the loop only when grabbing the collar. I've not had any problems since I learned how to use the collar. She managed to throw up quite nicely on the way home.


"She had her physical on Friday morning and was spayed immediately as she's in excellent health (just a bit boney). The shelter had done a really good job of cleaning her up. That shelter in Farmington is the nicest, most caring one I've been in. All the dogs were clean and well'cared for. I also learned that it is a No'Kill shelter. Their only problem is that they can't tell an Airedale from Mickey Mouse.

"Cutting to the chase - this is the first rescue I've been able to integrate with my two dominant males. I introduced her, one at a time, slowly and very cautiously to Indy & Rodney. I can't tell you how much I enjoy watching Mollie & Indy bounding around in the dog yard. Rodney remains on the sidelines being his usual nasty self, but is tolerant. For those of you who don't know us, Rodney is a Welsh.

"Everything is fine as long as Indy gets to maintain the lead, strut his stuff and be his macho self. He growled at Mollie the other morning, and she promplty flopped down on her back and exposed her belly to him. He kind of jerked his head up to the side and seemed to say, 'Humph'.


"Mollie had been a total outdoors dog. I had to teach her to be on leash, go up/down stairs. She had no problem learning pig ears. The funniest thing was teaching her to go in/out the dog door. I demonstrated. Now she's going in and out like a pro. I have her out with us during the day, but at night and when I'm gone, she stays in the bathroom with a single gate keeping her in - a FAR cry from my previous rescues.

"Okay, okay - I know this is long. There's so much to tell. I-ll just relate one more thing. Having lived outdoors and, I suspect, having been very neglected, she was not housebroken We had one piddling accident, despite my initial every-two-hours walking schedule. But immediately after introducing her to Indy & Rodney and allowing them to run together - and this totally amazes me - my two have taught her proper yard-bathroom etiquette.

"I heard Indy carrying on like a banshee yesterday and went running to the kitchen. Mollie was counter-surfing and in the process of pulling a roll of paper towels off - and Indy was telling on her. What a hoot!

"Mollie McGee is a 38-pound bundle of wiggles and wags, totally innocent, scared of just about everything, but getting better, and as cute as a button. I'm worried that we will not be able to find a good home for her since she's a mix, despite the fact that she will make a wonderful pet. She's just a baby at somewhere between ten months and a year, and smart as a whip - a lot of Airedale tendencies and characteristics.

"So keep yours fingers and paws crossed for little Mollie McGee."

On 13 July 1999, Sally writes: "Darling Mollie McGee moved to her new home with the Moores in St. Louis on June 11, 1999. Indy and I were grief-stricken, and I had thoughts about kidnapping her in the middle of the night.



"But, as you can see from these wonderful pictures the new owners sent me, Mollie is living the 'Life of Riley', and is most content. The Moores had an invisible fence installed and had professionals come and train her. It appears to be working quite well. Another happy ending - for Mollie and the Moores.

Mollie McGee shown with the kind permission of Sally Babcock


The Airedale can do anything any other dog can do and then whip the other dog. -- Teddy Roosevelt

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