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Lynn O'Shaughnessy & Brandy

Brandy was released to ATRA (Airedale Terrier Rescue & Adoption) and fostered by Lynn O'Shaughnessy, who has her own aireplane to fly Airedales to their Forever Homes.

Brandy lost her only home due to a move. She is almost 13 years old and weighs 50 pounds. She is housebroken, happy & well-adjusted. She gets along with her foster dog family, but is not sure about cats. Her tail vibrates when she sees you and she will shower you with kisses. She acts like a much younger dog, loves walks and is energetic. She loves to be around you and is crate-trained.

Then Brandy received a very special email from Joan Ragan, Illinois Coordinator of ATRA, who had just lost her Zoeie about two weeks ago and decided that she would adopt seniors from now on:

Dear Brandy & family,

I have decided to have you come live with me. It is just too quiet here without a lovely furry beard to keep dry.

You would have a nice big yard, lots of trees, full run of the house, and we have rabbits & squirrels & a deer now & then. Also there are two sweet Airedales across the lane you can see & play with if they are going to be nice to you. I would be home with you most all the time; no room is off-limits to my dogs.

Speaking of dogs, there is an 11-year- old Beagle living here. He doesn't do much except bark at everything moving some days and on other days, he just lies around looking out the window & worrying about food.

You would also get car rides and get to spend time with a 13-year-old girl who loves all Airedales; she is very good to dogs and has been to training enough to know the rules in dog world. She also thinks you should come live here.

If I did go away for a few days, I have a grandson who would come stay with you & Max the Beagle, so you would never have to go to a boarding kennel.

Brandy, you talk to Lynn about this and you can come anytime now that you would like to.



Brandy pawed a reply:

Dear Momma Joan,

I am so excited! I can't wait to begin a new adventure. Not that I don't enjoy the company of my foster mom, but she has a big Airedale, Alice, who doesn't like me much. That's Alice's problem, though. She needs to lighten up & quit being so serious. Life is too short.

My foster mom just got back from the airport. She said she had to get the airplane ready to take me to you. She had to plug it in and put gas in it. She got some new charts and is planning our trip now while I am writing this to you. I don't understand all the colors & symbols on the charts, but as long as my foster mom does and she gets me to see you as soon as possible, that's fine with me!

I saw in your note that you said I was going to live with a Beagle. I live with a German Shepherd right now and he's cool. Max will have to learn though, that I want to be the queen of the house.

My foster mom & dad tried to get some pictures of me last night, but I really didn't want to sit still. I was too excited. Besides, I had to live up to my nickname of BusyBody Brandy.

My foster mom said it was going to take about three hours to get to the airport near your house once we leave. She will give you a call to let you know just before we take off from Michigan.

See you soon!


Joan, Max & Brandy, Home At Last

On Sunday, 13 February 2005, Joan writes:

Brandy's first night was confusing to her I am sure. She has been accepted by resident dog, Beagle Max. She is more interested in him than he is in her. She would like to stay closer to him but he just walks off.

She wandered around the house and found a beautiful Airedale in a full-length mirror in a hallway. She was wagging her tail and moving toward the dog and then backing away; after about ten minutes gave up on that dog and lay down on her bed.

This morning it is raining and neither dog wants to go outside; our one trip resulted in our mission and a dry towel felt good to be dried off with. She squiggled & wiggled and got goofy, did some prancing & a playbow. Lots of hugs & a nose kiss and telling her she is such a good girl. Brandy is now napping & snoring softly.

I know she has trouble seeing with light changes, like from a lighted room to a dimly lit room, stairs are taken with care, dog door is a mystery yet, and she is right beside you or behind you and you better look before you move as she is right there.

She may move a little slower, not see as well as she once did, but she still has a lot of life in her and I can't wait for a dry day when she can investigate the yard and to see her reaction to being able to wander around and sniff all the country smells. Yes, I plan on spoiling her rotten.

On Monday, 14 February 2005, Joan writes:

I have deliberately waited 'till this morning to sign the final papers that show Brandy is in my care now forever. It is my gift to Brandy. Happy Valentine, sweet girl.

On Friday, 27 January 2006, comes the sad news from Joan:

Brandy's health started to fail around Christmas. On New Year's Day, with the help of Brandy's vet, and me holding her in my arms, Brandy crossed the Rainbow Bridge. I tried so hard to make it to her 14th birthday in February, but Brandy was ready to leave now.

Brandy (@RB) shown with the kind permission of Joan Ragan


The Airedale can do anything any other dog can do and then whip the other dog. -- Teddy Roosevelt

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