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Sometimes I wonder if anyone reads these pages, or if they make any difference to anyone but myself. Then I receive an email like this, from Barbie Rise & Craig Bryant-Rise, which makes all the work & expense worthwhile . . .

In October 2004, Barbie writes:

You know, some people who have a dog, just "have a dog". I'm sure you've heard of this sort of person . . . they have the dog who is just part of the furniture. He or she is last on the list and stays home alone most of the time. Occasionally, this dog gets a pat on the head from the family, and gets a scrap of food flung at him from time to time.


It's sno-monster, it's Murf!

This was not the case (obviously) with our girl. She was a hand-selected-princess. Back when she adopted us, I was ready to make her my life. And did just that. I had become weary of my business owning me - there are no business owners, really. It's the other way around. Anyway, this was in 2002. I made the decision to shut down my office and go back to freelancing, and work from home. On April 1st (appropriately) 2002, I did just that. Then the search began. Must-get-a-puppy.

We dogsat often for the neighbor's two boys, a lab & a retriever, and fell in love with them. They spent more time at our house than at their own home. I began taking them on my daily walks with my mom - who lived two blocks away. She fell in love with them too, particularly the retriever. We each took one.

By July, we hadn't found the "right" dog. One day, an ad online led us to begin thinking about adopting a pre-loved animal. We had begun to go to shelters and some really disgusting places that called themselves "rescue" houses. Places overrun by needy animals that were crowded and horrible. The stench alone was enough to make even the animals wretch. In one place, you could see the owner had her heart in the right place, but her attempts to save "all the animals" led to a different kind of abuse. I realize these animals unfortunately were probably better off with her, however, than they were prior to living there. But--ugh!

I knew that I wanted an Airedale or a Giant Schnauzer. I had a Giant before. They are just like solid-colored Airedales, really. Long-story-short (or . . . short-story-long!), we found our Murf. Beautiful, beautiful Murf. I wrapped my life around her. She was at my side and with me every moment. My very best friend.

Then, on 29 September 2004, Barbie Rise writes:

Hi there --

What a joy to locate your website again! You may or may not remember, I emailed you earlier this year, back in April, about My Murphy. I had enjoyed reading the story about Murphy Scott so much, that I sent you an email about my rescue-girl named Murphy. There are so many similarities in their behavior that I was glued to every word!


Ready to roll

I want to thank you for posting Murphy's story. I found it while searching the internet for information about osteosarcoma in Airedales only a few days after we had received the devastating news that our Murf had cancer. That was on April 17 2004.

You were kind enough to reply to my email. Just to let you know, your words were of great comfort to me, and I want to convey my appreciation for that. Soon after, my computer had a major meltdown, and I was off-line for a couple of months. Given my state of mind at the time, I didn't think to write down your email address--OR even plug the website into my Favorites folder. So, I'm only now reconnecting, and am so glad to find this website again!


Murf's beach

At that time, I don't think Murphy Scott had died--- so I'm only just now learning about that. As irony goes, sadly, My Murphy went too. Last Saturday, September 25, 2004. The time was exactly 12:59 p.m. She went peacefully and painlessly at the local vet clinic.

I'm sure it goes without saying that there is now a huge, gaping hole in our world. It's been exactly four days without her (but who's counting, right?). I am only today brave enough to search under Airedale Terrier on the internet. Through the blur I managed to locate ,once again, the story about Murphy Scott. I was a little nervous to read it, and was truly saddened by the ending. BUT (there's usually one of those) I also feel much better and less alone, having read that story.


Super-Murf! (no cape needed)

His story has managed, somewhere in the midst of all that sadness, to provide me with a sense of enlightenment. It's so beautifully written, that I even feel a glimmer of hope about the possibility of acquiring a new Aire-member of the family again one day. This is great progress, considering that my husband & I discussed this topic only last evening, and we both agreed that there was no way we could go through that again. Of course, he has no idea yet of my new frame of mind! It's encouraging to see that they've managed to move on to help another furry creature--I certainly smiled at the photos of the new member of their family, Courtenay Scott.


Action Murf

I am putting together some of my journal entries about life with Murf, along with photos of her, and I will let you know when I post them (and where I will post them). In the meantime, I am grateful to you for posting these stories about Airedales, especially the one about Murphy Scott. For now, I will continue to take it, as they say, "one-day-at-a-time". Actually, I'm still working on learning how to breathe again! But hey, progress is progress, right?


Murf's last night

Guess what?! After joining the ADT HOME LIST, reading the stories of Murphy (@RB) & Courtenay, and talking with Maureen Scott & Connie Turner, Craig & Barb became involved in Airedale Rescue . . . please come over and visit with their new four-legged companion, RUSTY. Welcome to the world of Rescue, Barb & Craig!

Not bad, for someone who said only a month ago, "I never want to have another dog"! . . .

. . . to which I replied with a favorite quote: "The first dog is the dog who gives you so much that, the first dog is often the reason for the second dog." - Unknown

Murphy Bryant-Rise (@RB) shown with the kind permission of Barbie Rise & Craig Bryant-Rise


The Airedale can do anything any other dog can do and then whip the other dog. -- Teddy Roosevelt

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