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"The first dog is the dog who gives you so much that, the first dog is often the reason for the second dog." - Unknown

On 24 November 2004, Barb Rise writes:

I am sitting here all-a-twitter. That, by the way is a good thing! I had trouble falling asleep last night . . . must've been about 2 a.m. or so when I finally managed to do so, then I woke up at 3:30 a.m. and ever since have been trying to do something productive - something other than pacing around in circles!

Friday (that's two days from now!), we will meet Rusty, the four-year-old male beautiful, beautiful Airedale. Then he will ride with us to his forever home which is OUR HOME!!!!!!!

Rusty is coming to us from the Regional Airedale Rescue organization. He is a healthy boy with lots of energy and reeeeally long legs! The Rescue people are so wonderful - thank you, Connie Turner - who has been so very helpful in making certain the "right" dog is placed with us. So dedicated.

And as if that isn't enough of a Holiday gift . . . wait, there's MORE great news! The following weekend, we will be getting Peanut! She's a three-year-old girl who is healthy and comes from a family who, through no fault of its own, could no longer keep her. She's at a shelter now, and will be delivered to us at the end of next week. She has about a six-hour trip . . . not too bad.

Can you believe my luck? Two, count 'em, TWO beautiful, healthy, young dogs! Oh boy . . . I'm a little scared. Good-scared, though. Another adventure is about to unfold!

I just want to express my sincere gratitude to all of you on this list who were there for me when my Murphy girl crossed the Bridge on September 25. Through a strange series of coincidences, I was led to this list. First,I found Andréa's wonderful web pages, and later came her kind invitation to join the list.

Belonging to this list has helped me so much, and all of you who've shared your support and valued advice have made all the difference to me. And now, to two young dogs.

Andréa, I want to thank you not only for your support, but also your continued availability, I can bother you whenever I want to and always get a reply; your web pages; your kind words; your entire network of friends in the doggie-world and your willingness to connect me with them. You've also helped me by encouraging me to write about my times with Murf, and doing so has helped me deal with my grief over her loss. I'm still working through that, but if I hadn't connected with you and your network, I'm sure I'd still be a huddled sobbing mess in the corner. And that sort of behavior simply doesn't lend itself to helping the next dog, now does it?

I found the Spotlight on Rescue pages when I was searching about my Murphy's illness to learn more. That's when Murphy Scott's page came up. I found that to be a little strange, as I didn't use my dog's name in the search. At any rate, I'm glad I did, as it led me to Andréa, this list and to Maureen Scott. Such great stories . . . and on a personal level, Maureen, I am very grateful to you for being there for me, your advice and let's face it - you're downright fun! Thank you so much for connecting me with Connie Turner at Airedale Rescue [in the US].

The result of all this? We are now adopting two dogs, as opposed to waiting for two pups to be born. That's pretty okay in my book. So I can say without question that putting these pages together on the Internet can only have a positive influence on the entire Rescue process. Maybe other uneducated souls (like myself) will happen across these pages and see the light as well. Kind of world-changing, isn't it? How exciting! Now I understand why Murf's story may be inspirational to someone who is looking for a new dog. It's a way of speaking for her-- "adopt someone like me, and just looooooook at all the wonderful experiences I will give you". The pages are her (and others') channel.

The more I learn about the world of Rescue, the more I want to be involved. My husband Craig, too; he is every bit as excited about the whole thing as I am. Whether it's simply giving dogs a voice, or driving them somewhere, or whatever . . . just want to be involved. You know, I always go with my gut feeling. Some things just sit "right". And this does absolutely. So, here we are. So many people complaining about the cards they've been dealt in life, and we're so excited that even our "worst" cards have led us to some truly wonderful experiences with equally wonderful people. Thanks to all of you!

Went to PetCo today for new harnesses, bowls, toys and all the usual stuff. We will drive three hours south of here to pick up Rusty at 10:30 a.m. on Friday . . . let's see . . . that's about 41 hours & two minutes . . . but WHO'S counting?

Keep your paws crossed for us for safe collection of our new family members.

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone . . . I'm sure going to give some thanks this year!

Sue Forrester:

Hi Barbie, soon-to-be Mama to Rusty & Peanut - what a wonderful piece of news for all of us around the world. We know you are in for the ride of your lives.

And yes, you hit the nail good and proper in all your remarks about Rescue and the inspiration people such as Connie Turner impart to the rest of us. It was Connie who, in 2000 at the Airedale celebrations in Bingley, Yorkshire, alerted me to the plight of Rescue Airedales in USA.

From that one unforgettable meeting has come a world of friends & Airedales, without whom our lives here in southern Oz would be so much the poorer.

So without being long-winded about it, I can say for sure that we are all in-waiting to hear the first sighs & shouts of joy as you welcome Rusty & then Peanut into your fold.

Happy Thanksgiving to you too!

Sue & the Aussie Tribe of As - Ascha & Aerem, Ruby & Sammy, who know we all have much to be thankful for.


I for one cannot think of a better Thanksgiving/Howliday gift than to know we are making the difference not only in the lives of two (at least) dogs, but in the lives of two very nice humans . . . thanks for sharing all the good news, and we look forward to new pictures on two new Spotlight on Rescue pages . . . Rusty & Peanut. Time for some BIGBADBARKS, TUCKBUTTRUNS, BIGPAWDEMANDS . . . and all the other endearing features of our Airedales.

Maureen Scott:

This has to be one of the nicest rescue stories I've read in a long time - and to be coming together as it is on Thanksgiving. Truly wonderful!

Barbie & her husband are the stars of this story, though. Imagine having a heart large enough to encompass two young rescues at the same time! I'm sure that your Murphy is smiling and nodding from the Rainbow Bridge, Barbie. We're looking forward to seeing photographs and hearing stories of Rusty & Peanut as they settle into your household, your lives and your hearts.

Connie Turner, as usual, has also scored a big hit with Rusty's placement. Connie is wonderful, of course. If it weren't for Connie, Jim & I wouldn't have our Littlest Lunatic and that would be an enormous loss both for us, and, I like to think, for her, too.

Andréa's Spotlight on Rescue pages are terrific! Just this week, an applicant up here in Canada who is getting a rescue dog from us remarked that he had found a story about Murphy the Wonder Dog on the internet. "Your dog, right?" he asked. When I agreed, he said, "I saw some stories about your new dog, too." Aha! Andréa's Spotlight pages, I thought. He was very impressed with the web site and he felt he understood what adopting a rescue would entail much better after reading the stories on the Spotlight site. This is a huge bonus for those of us who volunteer in rescue because, often, it is difficult to make new applicants understand some of the needs a rescued dog may have. Like Barbie, I too believe that stories about rescues will certainly inspire others to invite a SpaireDale into their homes and hearts as well.

There seems to be a lot here to warrant thankfulness in the rescue field this year! Great applicants like Barbie. Wonderful rescuers like Connie. Super publicists like André.

Hope you all have a splendid and well-deserved holiday!

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