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IS LOST . . .

17 JULY 2014



Dookie was one of a group of five Airedales
rescued from a puppyfarm in regional Victoria, in March 2014.
After extensive rehabilitation at our fantastic shelter,
he and the others were adopted into approved homes in and around Melbourne.

On 18 July, Sue Forrester, of AIRENET, writes:

Urgent Notice - please share widely


Dookie has gone missing yesterday (Thursday 17 July)
from his familiar walking place near Kooyong Tennis Club/
Kooyong Village (Melbourne). He was with his dog walker,
playing with other dogs in the off-leash area,
but got spooked by something and ran off.

This morning we are mounting a big search for him,
hoping that overnight he has managed to stay safely out of traffic.
It was a freezing and wet night, and he is only recently groomed,
so he will be feeling very miserable and hungry.

Posters will be up in the streets this morning;
the plan is to saturate the whole area.
St. Kevin's College and Kooyong Tennis Club
groundsmen have all been notified.

Dookie has his collar with all ID tags and phone numbers,
but may be too spooked to come close enough for anyone to read them.
We can only hope if that is the case that people will report him as running loose.
Police, vets and all shelters have been notified.

Keep Dookie in your thoughts and send every bit of positive
'come home, Dookie' airewaves please.

He does know his own area pretty well now,
so we must hope that he has not traveled far out of it during the night.

Please share this as widely as possible; as we know from experience,
saturation in every way possible is what leads to success.

He was sighted on the Friday morning but again unable to be caught.

There were no further sightings over the weekend or in the next week.
Bill & I spent three days in the area searching, talking to people,
putting up more flyers, letterboxing . . . the lot.


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