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Penny at the lake three months after she came to live with us

Marilyn writes: I don't have any before pictures as Penny was rescued from the pound by Becky Preston of the Airedale Rescue League in the Dallas/Ft. Worth area. Becky was Penny's foster and had her for five months before we adopted her. I do know that she was five to six years old and was neglected. She had scabs on half of her back, is missing her front lower teeth and the top four are broken and [she] was so thin she bowed.


Vacation in Michigan at the cottage


Vacation at the farm in Michigan


Penny in the back yard

She had been used for breeding (the male Airedale was also at the pound and rescued, but he didn't make it), and would tremble and crouch down whenever we lifted our hand or raised our voice to her. When we got her, she weighed 62 pounds and now is 70 pounds and only had scabs on her hind legs. She was still ragged-looking, but had come a long way from when she was rescued.


Penny on her doggie bed

She was rescued November 1996 and we adopted her April 1997. Penny has turned out to be a wonderful dog. She walks with me, is a great watch dog, gives me kisses & hugs, rides in the car, doesn't shake any more when I lift my hand to pet her, is a big couch potato and is my best friend & buddy.


We try to give her the best home we can to make up for all the years of neglect she endured.


We are glad she was rescued so she could come to live with us, as she is the perfect dog for Don & me.

She does have her 'Airedale moments', but most of the time she is a very good dog.

Penny is now between six and eight years old. The veterinarian has a hard time telling her age due to her teeth being worn and broken; Penny's lower four front teeth are gone and the top four are broken, perhaps because she had been in the back yard chained for quite some time and she had tried to eat through the chain.

I wish all neglected Airedales could have a second chance to live a good life. I'm so glad there are people like the Airedale Rescue & ATUR< to transport the dogs so they can have that second chance.


Penny's First Real Christmas


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