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Penny proudly wears her SAR 'Dana in September 2001


Christmas 2001

On 20 December 2003, Marilyn writes:

Penny came home today. The vet did say that the tumor was cancerous and was a large tumor. We will wait for the pathology report next week for the type, etc.

Penny's back right foot curls under and she can't put weight on it. She doesn't seem to have much feeling in it also. We are helping her walk right now as she can't walk on her own as her left hip isn't that strong either.

On 24 December, the report is in:

The pathology report came back Tuesday. It showed that it was either a blood clot caused from trauma or an infection from another area such as the bladder. No cancer was found. The surgeon is having another pathologist look at the slides as she still feels that it could have some cancer because of Penny's age. So right now it does look good.

Penny has started to walk on her own a little. Her back foot still buckles from time to time so I'm there to help her along as she is wobbly. Every day there is a little more improvement. She has a major attitude so I also know she is getting better. She is tired of my doting on her and guiding her down the hall, etc. She also doesn't want me hugging on her as she has told me that she isn't very happy with me. She turns her head or buries it under the comforter if she can.

Thank you all for your Zen and good thoughts for Penny.

Penny, Don & I wish everyone a Happy Holiday.

Marilyn & Penny (I'm better as I have been rather grouchy today and telling Mom what I like and don't like)

December 25: Penny needs emergency Zen

Penny woke us up at four this morning with labored breathing. We called the vet clinic where she had surgery and they told us to take her to an emergency clinic since it is Christmas Day and all the vet clinics are closed.

The vet said she was in pain. Gave her a morphine shot and some antibiotics. Sent us home. At noon today Penny was getting worse. We called the surgery clinic where she had her surgery and the vet reluctantly aid she would meet us at the Center. Penny has fluid on the lungs caused from congestive heart failure. Penny is in an oxygen tank, with IV's, etc., fighting for her life. the next 12 hours will tell if Penny makes it or not.

Please send Penny some powerful Zen, keep her in your thoughts and prayers. She is a fighter.

On 27 December, Marilyn & Donald, write:
Penny has crossed over The Rainbow Bridge

Penny put up a courageous fight, but in the end couldn't fight the infection that was in her lungs. At 9:00 this morning we went and said our final goodbye and let her cross over The Rainbow Bridge.

Penny came to live with us April 24th, 1997. She was a rescue who was dog-aggressive and a fear-biter due to neglect and abuse. She was missing her front teeth from being tied up and chewing on the chain so never knew her age, but estimated age was five to six years when she came to live with us.

Penny captured both of our hearts from the moment we met her. She needed us and we needed her in our lives. We worked through her problems, gave her TLC and made her part of our family. She in return gave us many laughs and more love than we could have ever asked for. She turned into the perfect companion, friend and the Princess of our household. She was the love of Don's life and also mine. We will miss our baby aka Princess Penny, but know she is no longer suffering or in pain.

Goodbye Princess. We miss you and know there will never be another one like you.

Mom & Dad Doudt

On 4 April 2007, LYNN RICKMAN writes:

For those who loved Marilyn Doudt

There's another bright star in the Heavens tonight. Long-time Airedale Rescue Champion Marilyn Doudt lost her long, hard battle with cancer tonight. Her beloved husband Don & Rescue Girl Maggie Mae were at her bedside.

An In Memoriam website for Marilyn is HERE.

Penny (@RB) shown with the kind permission of Marilyn (@RB) & Don Doudt


The Airedale can do anything any other dog can do and then whip the other dog.

-- Teddy Roosevelt

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