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In 2001, Mary Gade moved to Colorado. On 6 January 2003, Mary was back in the middle of Rescue when she, John Carr & Chris Crowell founded Rocky Mountain Airedale Rescue of Colorado, Inc. (RMARC).

On 27 March 2003, the members of ADTlovershome List received this message from Mary:

Tessa, an Airedale in trouble!


Yesterday, I received a call from the Bear Creek Vet clinic asking for help from RMARC. A gentleman brought in his seven-month-old female pup, named Tessa, who had been vomiting and not eating for a week or more. When told she needed immediate surgery to save her life, he opted to put her down.

Sarah at the clinic told me she was a darling little AKC-registered Airedale girl and must go into surgery that afternoon or she would soon die.

Well, I must tell you, at that time I couldn't have cared less about the money. I figured we would raise it somehow! I told them to go ahead and do surgery and that we would pay! I then called Joey Fineran (National Rescue Chair) for support and she didn't bat an eye. She said, 'DO IT!'

Tessa came through surgery with flying colors!! They removed a rock, sticks and a bone! She will be at the hospital for three days. I will visit her tomorrow and hopefully get a picture, and THEN we will begin the search to find a loving forever home for her, which she obviously did not have before!

THIS is what rescue is all about! I am always in awe, that we can DO this, and without Rescue it would not be possible! I just wanted to share this hearwarming story with all of you, who love your Airedales SO much.

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On 29 March, Mary writes: I went to the clinic to see Tessa today. She is a little sweetie. Her incision is SO big. Dr. Vana said the chunk of bones, stones and sticks was huge, and all stuck together! She would not have lived another day. Now she is a wiggle worm, and full of kisses!

I think we will start a fundraiser campaign and call it ...............are you ready???


Thanks to all of you who have bought our shirts and support RMARC or any rescue! I will keep you posted on little Tessa. She sure was worth saving!


Tessa & Mary

Later that day, Mary writes: Tessa is just a little sweetie. Kisses, kisses, kisses!

She is just skin over bone and will be on a special home-cooked diet with a lot of crate rest for ten days. I have never seen such a large incision! The gunk was all mixed together and blocking her intestine and in a hard mass! She had not eaten nor drunk for about eight days. Dr. Vana is a wonderful surgeon. She told me Tessa was weak and shaking when brought in and would not have lived long.

I have a wonderful foster/adoptive? home for her. She will be picked up at the hospital Tuesday.

This one turned out SUPER!

Monica Mahn writes: Helping Tessa

Just wanted to pass on the news that you don't HAVE to buy a T-shirt to help Tessa . . .

You can simply PayPal a donation - it's as easy as 1-2-3!

1.  The RMARC recipient email address for PayPal is

2.  Select Quasi-cash as the type of payment and . . .

3.  Make reference to Tessa in the notes section.

You'll sleep better tonight knowing that Tessa and other dogs like her are being helped!

Tessa shown with the kind permission of Mary Gade


The Airedale can do anything any other dog can do and then whip the other dog. -- Teddy Roosevelt

If you have a Second-Hand 'Dale and would like to share her/his story, please e-mail me.

Be sure to visit FRIENDS OF AIREDALES MEMORIAL FUND. Your memorial will make a difference in an Airedale's life.


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