On 17 May 2003, Mary Giese wrote to adtlovershome list members:

This poor dog is in the shelter in Kansas City, Missouri. He is a large Airedale mix (for those of you who were at WOTA, remember Patches?), and will probably die on Monday if he isn't sprung from this shelter. If you can take him in to foster or adopt, please let me know and we can help with transportation.

On 20 May, Mary wrote to adtlovershome list members: Casey needs help

Casey's luck is not too good these days. We managed to find him a foster home [with Melody Chambers] and get transportation lined up, only to discover that he is heartworm positive. National rescue does not cover expenses for mixes so that avenue is out. Treatment for heartworm costs about $500 and unless we can raise the funds, he won't make it. If you can help or know of anyone else who can help, please cross post this. The funds will not be collected unless we raise a sufficient amount to treat him.


. . . to which Pam Vandergrift replied: If everyone on the list could give $25.00, we could get it done . . . I will be the first $25.00 to get it started.

Other adtlovershome list members chimed in . . .

Andréa Denninger
Christine Votel & Tim Sheffer & CeCe
Diane Thomson & Reggie Howard, in memory of Suzie
Tim & Monica Mahn & Teddy & Trudi
Cindy Lether & Wrigley & Norton
Sidney Hardie
(First Prize Winner of gear bag donated by Christine Votel's family company, Brown Kennels)
Neal Skrenes
(Third Prize Winner of a Canine Cool Mat, donated by Mary Giese)
Deborah Nicewonger & The Furballs
Joey Warren & The Gang
Rita Ferrer & Waldo & Casey
Patti Webster
Cherry Welsh
Cheryl Silver & The Gang
(Second Prize Winner of a Canine Cool Mat, donated by Mary Giese)
Gun Penhoat & Ursula & Paddington & Lambert (c*t)
Marti & John Touchstone
Rocky Mountain Airedale Rescue (RMARC)
Mary Gade
Stephanie Ostrosky & Luis & Kirby
Martha Calligan
Dean & Deb Incopero
Anonymous I
Anonymous II
Susan York, Kiowa, Holly & foster, RostaMan
Diane Howard
Libby Karier
Monica Mahn
Ellana Livermore
Dorothy McCarthy
Carol & Raymond Adams
Ruth Ellen Hill
Beth Hera
C. Shacma
Julie McLemore
The Altmans

(please send any additional names to Andréa)


And later that night, Mary wrote: Casey - We did it!!!

We raised the $500 for KC's heartworm treatment. I'll give updates to the list on how he's doing and when he's ready for a home.

Thanks so much everyone. Your generosity is truly overwhelming and I'm so proud to know all of you.

Casey was transported by Kate Quigley, who is not an Airedale person and got stuck an extra 1-1/2 hours in Kansas City (don't you love those orange barrels?) before having to drive a few more hours south and then back.

On 25 May, Mary wrote: I got this from KC's foster mom, Melody:

I am anxious to see what my vet says about the boy. I hope he doesn't have a lot of other health problems besides the heartworm and skin problems.

He has the sweetest eyes, but his coat (what he has) is awful. He is an absolute angel and is so calm and gentle. He is a perfect gentleman and the best companion anyone could ask for.

Housebroken and is completely trustworthy in the house. He slept in the crate the first night, but now sleeps in the kitchen. He might have some hip problems; I hope not.


On 28 May, Mary wrote:

Arnie went to the vet yesterday and we discovered he is hypothyroid. The vet wants him to be on thyroid medication for 30 days before doing the heartworm treatment. The vet also said he might be older than we thought. Anyway, his foster mom has renamed him KC. She reports that he is helping her dog bark at the squirrels and having a great time.

And on 15 June, Mary writes:

Casey has been on his hypothyroid medication for the last few weeks and will begin heartworm treatment in about a week. We had him retested for heartworm as the test at the shelter was the brief test. The results were exactly the same: he has a mild case, but still needs to go through the treatment. Of course with a mild case, the likelihood of secondary problems developing is lessened.

He should be ready for a new home by mid to end of July. He has a marvelous personality and is very gentle. He is housebroken and very comfortable in a home. If you know of a home that would like a dog with a sweet personality that may be a purebred but we really can't guarantee it (I'm hoping to get at least one more Airedale-experienced person to look at him), please contact Heather Scharbach or Mary Giese so we can have them go through the process now.

On 23 June, Mary reports:

Casey is having his first heartworm treatment today so any Zen you can send him will be appreciated. His second should be in about two weeks. He must be kept quiet in his crate for an entire month.


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