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13 DECEMBER 2006

Sally writes:


Lisa says that fostering Goldie and helping her with her recovery has been very rewarding, but now it's time for Goldie to find her Forever Home.

Goldie has made wonderful advances in her recovery with the fantastic care given her by Lisa & RJ, and now we feel that it would be in Goldie's best interest to continue her rehabilitation with her permanent adoptive family. Yes, Goldie still has a way to go in her rehab; however we feel it would be in her best interest to do so in a permanent home with her forever family. The lucky person who adopts Goldie should be willing to continue to provide her with recommended therapy which of course will be paid for by the Goldie Fund.

We estimate Goldie to be around seven years old. A spayed female, she weighs 53 pounds. Goldie is a remarkable survivor with the sweetest personality! Goldie has special needs so her new family must be extra special too.

Goldie has great strength in her front legs, which she uses to pull herself around with surprising speed! She has gained strength in her back legs but as yet is not able to use them to walk. Goldie needs someone to completely support her rear end when she "walks" outside to go potty. Goldie's new guardian will need to be able to lift a fair share of her 53 pounds many times each day.

Goldie has good bladder control and will let you know when she needs to tinkle. Goldie is aware when she needs to have a bowel movement and will let you know she needs to go potty. However, at the present time she has developed muscle control to hold it for a short time. She has developed a lot of muscle control since she came to us, and we expect her to gain even more as time goes on.

Goldie is surprisingly active and pulls herself around by her front legs. If your home is mostly carpeted, she moves around easily but can get little friction sores so we put some protection on her back feet. On hardwood floors she has better traction when she wears boots on her front feet. Wow, look at her go!

Presently Goldie is going to water therapy & acupuncture once a week on a regular schedule. We would like it if Goldie's new home would be able to continue this, and of course, her Goldie Fund would pay for these treatments.

In a perfect world, Goldie's new home would be a ranch-style home on fairly level ground. This is true for several reasons: Goldie would be able to use her cart much more often, not only on the sidewalk & road, but in her level backyard.

She'd also be able to follow her new family around the house and wouldn't be left behind when her people go to a different level. This would also make it much easier for her to travel from inside to outside. Her present home is a multi-level home in a hilly mountain terrain area.

Having her caregiver's bedroom on the main floor would be perfect! Goldie wants to be with you as much as possible and is totally contented when she can sleep in the bedroom with you. Daytimes. she is very content to lie nearby in the room with you.

Goldie still has separation anxiety, which is not unexpected after all she has been through. Another reason for Goldie to be in her permanent home is so she can relax and learn that she won't be left alone again. Lisa has found it necessary to sedate Goldie when necessary to leave her for a period of time. This means approximately 90 minutes prior to leaving, she gives Goldie a pill. Without this sedation Goldie becomes extremely anxious and will chew at her crate, or even a wall to the point that she'll bleed. This means, in a perfect world, there would be someone at home most of the time.

Goldie's favorite thing in the whole world is to ride in the car. Surprisingly, Goldie doesn't mind staying in the car while you do your errands. In fact, she loves watching the activity and waiting for her guardian to come back to the car. When it is cool weather and safe for Goldie to be in the car, you will have a great time traveling around together.

Goldie is currently on a special homemade diet, which we understand will be changed to regular food in the future. Her diet is made up of white rice, pumpkin, broccoli & cottage cheese, which needs to be made every few days. For treats she has blueberries & pears. Goldie loves this diet!

Goldie gets along with other dogs and at the vet's office in Pagosa Springs, she was sharing her bed with a cat. Goldie recently spent several days with Sally in Woodland Park and got along beautifully with Sally's three Airedales.

We know that our very special Goldie's new human will need to be a very special person. Would that very special person be you? What a wonderful gift you can make to Goldie by providing her with her new home.

For further information, contact Sally HERE. Lisa will be happy to discuss Goldie and her needs with serious applicants.


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