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Sally writes:

Goldie will soon have surgery!

We now know that Goldie has a cancerous tumor on her liver, but the wonderful news is that the growth is well-contained and is in an area that the specialist, Dr. Stubbs, tells us can be safely & completely removed, giving Goldie several more years of quality life. In preparation for the surgery, Dr. Stubbs has checked Goldie's lungs and they are just fine. Dr. Stubbs is going slowly so he has a total picture of what will be done in the surgery, and we respect him for this caution. We are now waiting for Dr. Stubbs to schedule Goldie's surgery. Of course, we will let you know as soon as we can when the surgery is to take place, and how it goes.

In Priscilla's report to me following yesterday's therapy session for Goldie, she said the following that I want to share with you: (remember, Priscilla is Goldie's foster mom and Tammy is Goldie's therapist)

I don't know if any of you saw the segment on Animal Planet about Eli the miniature Dachshund, but if you did, you know that his is a remarkable story! Tammy credits a lot of his walking again to his two-wheeled cart. Eli loved it and used it inside & outside. His owner said there wasn't anything he couldn't do with it that he did when he could walk except climb on the sofa! I actually met Eli last Monday when his owner brought him in for a therapy session. He is running around like he'd never had a problem! What a sweet little guy!

Tammy believes a two-wheeled cart would be helpful for Goldie. I explained that we had the quad chair but it was too big to use very much inside our house.

As fate would have it, when I had Goldie in for therapy today, a woman named Linda came into the therapy room pulling a wagon with a Boxer in it . . . the dog has some type of degenerative muscle disease and no longer has the use of her back legs and her front legs are weak. Tammy asked her if the Boxer was still able to use her two-wheeled cart and Linda said that the dog's front legs were too weak to use it anymore and that she wanted to give it away.

Tammy explained that she & I had discussed the value of a two-wheeled cart for Goldie - and long story short - Linda gave the cart (also a Doggon' Wheels product) to me/ATRA. The Boxer is about the same size as Goldie so it should fit her. Tammy is going to adjust it for Goldie on Monday. Tammy said the cart will not only help to strengthen Goldie's back legs but will also make her feel better mentally to be up and about.

Now, doesn't it seem that the gods are working with us to help Goldie? What a wonderful gift to receive! As soon as Priscilla gives me a report on how Goldie does in the two-wheeled cart, I'll let you know. In the meantime, keep Goldie in your prayers. Any dog that fought as hard as she did to survive all she endured deserves all the help we can give her, and through your donations & prayers, the Goldie Team is doing it! Thank you all - you're each a member of the Goldie Team!


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