On 9 February, Sally writes:

On Wednesday, Goldie's doctor decided it was time to do her surgery; he removed the tumor on her liver plus another growth from her bladder. Goldie, tough little girl that she is, went through the surgery just fine and is doing beautifully in her recovery! Dr. Stubb feels confident that the surgery was completely successful and that Goldie can look forward to a healthy recovery & future. Here is a note that Priscilla wrote to me last evening:

I visited with Goldie for about an hour this evening and she is doing great! One would never guess that she'd just had major surgery 24 hours ago! She was happy to see me and spent most of the time I was there with her head on my lap. She didn't sleep though . . . just seemed content to have me there. One of the I.C.U. staff told me that Goldie liked to have someone near her so she'd been sitting with Goldie as often as she was able to. I plan to see Goldie again tomorrow.

As part of their post-surgical care at the Alameda East Veterinary Hospital, Goldie was put into the Intensive Care Unit (I.C.U.). This morning Goldie was transferred into regular recovery care with plans for her to be released from the hospital on Monday, at which time she will go home with Priscilla. We are so thrilled that Goldie is doing so well. It's obvious that Goldie is receiving the best of care at this hospital and everyone is treating her with such love and affection as well as wonderful professional care.

Priscilla told me that normally, dogs in the I.C.U. are kept in crates, but Goldie is being treated like the Princess she is . . . she is outside of a crate, comfortably resting on a bed of comforters in an area from which she can watch all the goings on, which suits Goldie just fine. We are just so thrilled that our girl is doing so great!

Ok, Goldie Team, reach around and give yourselves a big pat on the back for having the faith that we could save this brave Airedale. I'm just so proud to have each of you on our Goldie Team! Keep Goldie in your prayers to continue this wonderful recovery.


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