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26 MARCH 2007

Priscilla reports:

Goldie went for therapy today and did 25 laps in five lap sets without a problem! She is becoming very strong in her back legs . . . especially her right one. I've been doing therapy with her daily at home and I think that has helped, too. However, she still hesitates to stand on them. Goldie's therapists Cari & Tammi agree that there maybe something else going on with her back legs, arthritis, for example, that's preventing her from wanting to put her weight on them. So they have suggested she have an x-ray to find out what, if anything, else is going on. Cari is going to set up an appointment with Dr. Stubbs for the x-ray to coincide with one of her therapy sessions.

I went outside and raked part of the lawn this afternoon and brought Goldie out with me. She seemed to love lying in the grass, watching me, and looking around at new sights! Of course my three ŒDales thought it was most unfair that they had to stay inside the fence while Goldie was allowed to go outside with me. They were actually quite vocal about their displeasure for a few minutes!

I had to buy Goldie some new "boots" today. She's about worn out the ones she's had. There's a store near Alameda East that carries the boots; they had a new style that look like little sneakers. They are so cute on Goldie! I'll try to get a photo for you.

I'll be back in touch once I get the results of the x-ray on Goldie's back legs.

Sally adds:

Priscilla is doing such a marvelous job with Goldie. We are all so anxious to have Goldie's dental problems addressed; we are still waiting for the doctors to get that scheduled. We must be patient, because they are deciding a schedule that is in Goldie's best interest. Stay tuned for Priscilla's next report & pictures of Goldie in her new sneaker boots!


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