7 JUNE 2007

Priscilla reports:

Last week, Goldie wasnıt feeling well, so she visited Dr. Kattman, who determined that Goldie had contracted another bladder infection. A course of antibiotics has Goldie feeling well again. Most of us know how painful a UTI (urinary tract infection) can be. These recurring infections may occur from the bladder not emptying completely so the doctors are considering a medication that "helps" empty the bladder.

Dr. Kattman will discuss this with Dr. Lappin, who we understand is a world-renowned veterinarian specializing in internal medicine. Dr. Lappin & Dr. Kattman are also in agreement that Goldie's bladder issues are neurologically related. Therefore, it is most likely we will have to express Goldie's bladder three or four times a day to keep it as empty as possible to prevent accidents.

It is also the concensus of Dr. Lappin, Dr. Kattman & a neurologist at Alameda East that it is most unlikely that Goldie will walk again . . . the muscle damage in her upper back legs is too great. Although miracles happen, it's reasonable to assume that Goldie will be as she is now for the rest of her life.

After our conversation with Dr. Kattman for an hour tonight and "digesting" all she had to say, it is my personal opinion at this point that we should begin concentrating on Goldie's quality of life. I believe the focus needs to change from establishing goals for Goldie to concentrating more on what makes her the most comfortable & happy.

For instance we'll take her to water therapy and let her swim for her enjoyment rather than sticking to a regimented schedule hoping she will walk again. We'll take her for more car rides & let her spend more time lying in the grass . . . two things she just loves to do! We have a wagon and plan to take her for rides around the neighborhood so that she can see new sights rather than waiting until she is able to go in her two-wheeled cart.

Goldie also loves her food . . . she looks forward to it and gets real excited when I bring her in the kitchen while I prepare her meals. And she loves the treats I give her . . . pieces of dried venison, chicken & fish because they are soft & easy for her to eat.

None of this is easy for me to come to terms with, as I have been as determined & dedicated to Goldie's walking again as anyone, but there also comes a time when I must become realistic for Goldie's sake. After all she has been through . . . she deserves that much from all of us.

[Note from Sally: Priscilla & I are in agreement here. We are most certainly NOT giving up on the possibility of Goldie walking again, we know miracles can happen! While waiting for that miracle to happen, what is important is to have Goldie enjoy the life that she has.]

Today I was talking to Priscilla; she told me about what joy Goldie experienced yesterday in her first wagon ride. Priscilla put her into the wagon, and watched as Goldie slowly figured out that yes! This is a good thing!! As Goldieıs smile came out, Priscilla could see what joy Goldie was getting from this new experience; that walk developed into a two-mile trek.

Now, who could say that Goldie is not happy with her life, with smiles that big. Itıs not hard to see what makes Goldie happy, she "tells" us by her expressions.


On a lighter note, Goldie had visitors on Sunday . . . Bob & Denise Seis. Bob is a Kentucky State & Southern Indiana Coordinator for ATRA. They stopped by Sunday afternoon and had a really nice visit with Goldie. As you can see from the photos, Goldie enjoyed the visit, too!



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