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Dolly is a young female Airedale who was probably hit by a car and left. She was tracked by the Stillwater Shelter in Stillwater, Oklahoma. They could not catch her. She was eventually brought in by some kids; on December 9, 2004, she entered Airedale Rescue.

Dolly needs a total hip replacement because the injury occurred some time ago and simply putting the head back into the socket will not work. She has atrophy already (note on the photo below), and without this option she may not become weight-bearing on that leg. The surgery will be performed at the Oklahoma State University School of Veterinary Medicine.


The total cost for her operation will be around $3,000, but will be well worth it for this very sweet, young girl who deserves a chance at living happily ever after. Everyone who has met her, including the vet, has been touched by her sweet gentle nature. Despite all she has endured, she is friendly & loving.

She does not have tick disease or heartworm. That's a blessing. She arrived unspayed.

Jan Wiles has volunteered to coordinate Dolly's treatment and will invest 3 or more months in Dolly's post surgical rehabilitation. The process is slow & long but typically has great outcome! Jan herself is in physical therapy and recovering from surgery on her rotator cuff. She has lots of limitations at the moment but this did not stop her from jumping to the aid of an Airedale in need. Thank you, Jan, for seeing to the care of this sweet girl during a trying time in your own life!

Dolly will remain in foster care with Jan until the veterinarian releases her for adoption.

Jan writes:

She is an underweight but very calm girl. She has been introduced into many new situations and seems to adapt well. I think she will blossom after we put in love, nutrition ' medical care. She will be difficult to let go. I just amazed how trusting she is.



On 16 December, Jan writes:

Surgery took place this a.m. She is recovering with her new hip. Everything went well, and all expect a full recovery. We will know more on Friday. Thanks for all your good wishes and prayers.

Christine adds:

I would like to thank everyone as well for their Zen and good wishes and support of her fundraiser. National, of course, would have paid the entire bill, but it certainly has been comforting to have individual and group support for this sweet dog. Your contributions will help all Airedales because that means there is more money left for the next needs.

On Sunday, Christine reports:

There is continued good news from Oklahoma State Veterinary School. The report is that Dolly continues to improve. She is eating well, and showing no signs of discomfort, so they have cut her pain meds in half. Jan reminded the doctor that Airedales have very high tolerance for pain, and he said he was aware of that breed characteristic. The doctor also said other diagnostic evaluations supported what they observed in her. She will be sent home with pain meds for approximately five days. That means she might be at Jan's house as early as Tuesday! Then comes the long but loving rehab period.

On Thursday, 23 December, Jan reports:

Brought Dolly home today and she did not like being in the vehicle for the ride. She is very nervous, but we made it home and she is a very quiet girl. Have her in her own room, and she is cooperating when we put on her leash and sling. She is weight-bearing on her new hip and uses it to support her body while she pees. I will have my vet remove her staples in approximately ten days. She is eating well but still needs to put on some weight.

She responds to my husband more than to me. She will return to OSU on January 17, 2005 for radio x-rays to check on how the prosthesis is doing.

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