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One day in April 2002, a former staff member of my school, who was now a secretary in another school, called and asked if I would be able to rescue a 14-year-old Airedale girl who had been kept in a garage for two years because of a new baby in the house. The owner worked in the same school as did the former staff member.


I spoke with the owner and made arrangements to pick up India that evening. I contacted Chuck Rusk, and later that day, we went to India's house and picked her up.


India spent the evening at our house; the next day, VetteMan & I brought her to Milwaukee, where she was met by her foster parents, who had her groomed and took care of her until her adoption.


Paula Lackner sent this photo, writing: I used it as our banner picture for the Fall Aire Frolic this past fall [2003].

She was then adopted by a family with a mom & dad & two cats. She is totally loved and well-cared-for by Craig & Sandi, living out her days INSIDE the house and included in the family.

Thanks to Chuck Rusk for his help rescuing India,
and to Paula Lackner for keeping me informed about India's happy ending.

In May 2006 comes the news from Paula: India died about a year ago and in August Craig & Sandi adopted the special needs airedale Hanna that Cleo had as one of the two puppies. They are truly Aire-angels.


The Airedale can do anything any other dog can do and then whip the other dog. -- Teddy Roosevelt

If you have a Second-Hand 'Dale and would like to share her/his story, please e-mail me.

Be sure to visit FRIENDS OF AIREDALES MEMORIAL FUND. Your memorial will make a difference in an Airedale's life.


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