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4 JANUARY 2010

Lynn O'Shaughnessy of SOAR
(Starting Over Airedale Rescue) writes:
First Airedale for 2010

I just picked up SOAR's first rescue for 2010 from the Humane Society. Katie was picked up as a stray and is estimated to be about five years old. She will be a special needs Airedale in that she has a really funny gait. She "bunny hops" both on her front legs and on her back legs. I had an x-ray taken at the vet on the way home and they found no evidence of any trauma or old injuries. They saw some fairly mild signs of hip dysplasia in her right rear leg. An x-ray of her front spine revealed some possible bridging & arthritis, but nothing really bad. My vet recommended that she be put on glucosamine for her hips, but that would not help the bridging in her upper spine.

Now, you would not know that Katie has any problems. She pulls like a Mack truck on a leash . . . considering that she is only 42.7 pounds. She jumps up to see what is on the counter . . . yeah . . . she would be a countersurfer. She jumped into my SUV without any help! This is what has me baffled. I have not seen a dog with hip dysplasia that was capable of doing all of this. She does not seem to be in any pain at all and has normal range of motion when manipulated. She objected to some of the flexing by just drawing her paw back.


I could take her to a specialist, but she does not seem to be in any discomfort over all of this. Does anyone have any thoughts?

She got her microchip without any whining. She was very friendly with the vet and seemed to enjoy the attention. She was gentle with treats at the vet.

She was more interested in another dog at the vet; mostly wanted to bark and go see him. He was barking back. No teeth or aggression . . . just barking, but I did not let her interact with him.


She is a little girl with lots of personality. She saw a kitty on the table being examined at the shelter and was only mildly interested and just wanted to see. She has one ear up and one down . . . just like Enzo! [Enzo's story can be read HERE.] She has an eye infection in one eye that I have drops for. Heartworm negative, fecal negative, UTD on shots now that my vet gave her the rabies shot. The shelter had given her everything else. And they think she is spayed although it is not real prominent.

I am bathing and grooming her tonight. She does not have dreadlocks, and appears to have been groomed maybe about eight to 10 months ago. I have her booked at Camp BowWow for tomorrow for short-term fostering.

Is there anyone willing to foster her? She will need some training for manners. She does not seem to know anything. I caught her sniffing at the vet and took her outdoors where she relieved herself. She will probably need watching at first, though, as we don't know if she is housebroken. Please contact me HERE if you are interested in fostering Katie.

Thanks a bunch everyone!
We are off and running . . . no, we are off and SOARing!


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