20-28 DECEMBER 2012

Joyce writes:
Very Good News, Good News, Bad News, Worse News

Very Good News: My husband tells me that,
"One of the pups really likes me and follows me around -
at least I think it is the same pup."
My marriage is safe!

I took Ginger, Mattie & the pup with the injured eye to the vet
on the Monday morning after I picked them up.



Good News: Both adults are heartworm negative,
have no internal parasites, and there was an opening
to get Ginger spayed that night. She will also get vaccinations.
They didn't want to vaccinate Mattie since she was still nursing pups.
By the way, Ginger, who is almost four years old,
is a daughter of Mattie, who is only five, according to her AKC papers.
And Ginger has someone who wants to adopt her!


[12/20/12] PUPPY PILE!

Bad News: The puppy with the bad eye has had an injury
(he could see a break in the cornea) that wasn't treated;
she will probably be blind in that eye.
The vet gave me an antibiotic to see if that will help.
At least it was not a congenital problem; she can see out of the other eye.
He did mention removal was a possibility at some point.

Worse News: Mattie's limping is due to a broken tibia & fibula
of one of her right hind leg - at least a couple of months old.
That means she carried and birthed the pups with a broken leg!
My vet said she could try repair with pins & an external appliance
(she has never done this procedure before),
estimated to cost $1500; OR send her to an orthopedic vet,
estimated to cost $3000; OR, since her hip socket
is in bad shape with arthritis and she will need a total hip replacement
in the future, amputation may be the best course
and one that makes her pain-free, estimated to cost $750.

No surgery for Mattie until the puppies are completely weaned,
so we have time to get a second opinion.
The vet prescribed Tramadol for Mattie's pain,
as it is safe for a nursing mother.


[12/24/12] Can we just get this over?

The pups are all girls.
There are two that are larger and have longer hair
and two that are smaller with short-ish hair.


[12/20/12] Puppy Green is being fashionable in a matching bed

I returned from a family gathering to find a message
from the vet's office wanting me to call about Ginger.
OH NO! At first I thought something went wrong during surgery,
but thank goodness the vet was calling for permission to use
a different anesthesia and run fluids (more $) because Ginger was in heat.
We got her away from the breeder just in time!


[12/20/12] What is this thing?

Puppies are getting adventurous.
One growled at me because I walked away
while she was trying to chew my pant leg.
I leave the stall door open when I let Mattie out.
The first day, they stood in the doorway;
second day, they walked out in the aisle just a foot, then went back in;
yesterday, they wandered 10-15 feet from the door.
Today, one of them went 30 feet down the aisle and into the tack room
(she may have followed Mattie, who likes investigating there).



I'll have to start shutting the barn doors when I let them out.


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