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27 MARCH 2011

In the evening, Jan writes:

When I called Diamond Animal Hospital this morning to ask if everything was still going well and if Oscar could come home, she said, "Oh, yes. When can you be here?"

Oscar was feeling better and was letting everyone know that he was ready to move on. Being nearly a year old, 67 pounds, and not socialized much at all has made him somewhat of a handful.

When they brought him out, he made it clear that we should hit the road. There wasn't a chance to take photos at the clinic; they were slammed with emergencies and it was best to get out of the way. I got him to the car and in a crate with the e-collar on and off we went.


Five minutes later, I pulled over to check on him and the e-collar was off and he was sitting on it. Hmmmm, that didn't work too well. He hadn't been wearing the e-collar at the clinic and didn't seem to be interested in bothering his staples, so I left it off. He did well on the hour long ride, but wasn't too impressed with the collar going back on when we got home.


He is very much a lanky, mouthy puppy. He doesn't walk well on the lead (actually, he can pull you right off your feet), and seems a little unsure of himself outside. But, he is cute & sweet, he is gentle when taking food and does know how to sit (for a few seconds). He has already come a long way as far as settling in and he has only been here about seven hours.

He wants to see everything in the garage where I put up his 5' x 5' chain link kennel. I had plans to put Bounty in there and have Oscar in the house in a crate at night, but he is doing quite well in the kennel. I will spend the night with him in the garage tonight, just to make sure he does ok. It's not like I will be roughing it. We have Dish Network with surround sound out there with some pretty comfy chairs. Oscar doesn't seem to like being alone much; he whines & howls for awhile until he knows that I am not coming right back, then he settles down.

He is not supposed to have any exercise, just out to do his thing and back in again. He is very bouncy and likes to slap with his paws. No exercise . . . yeah, well, we will do our best. There is no special food, he has been eating dry food at the clinic and itŐs going very well. The dog that wouldn't eat for all those days is having three or four small meals per day and is loving every bit of it.

The vet tech said that I could adjust his pill schedule (thank doG!').

Sucralfate @ 1 a.m. 9 am & 5 p.m.
Amoxicillin @ 4 a.m. & 4 p.m.
Tramadol @ 2 a.m., 10 a.m. & 6 p.m.


Clancy, the Irish terrier who is also looking for his forever home, has been a very good boy today. He has a chain link kennel in the garage as well, but his is in a separate room. He was booted out of his home because of his extreme dog aggression, but he seems to be acting better than normal with all the coming & going. Oscar's howling doesn't cause much of any reaction from him. In fact, it seems like he is acting sweeter than normal. Go figure.

I will try to get some better pictures of Oscar, but he is a hard one to photograph when you are by yourself.

Off to fix another meal.


Aw, what an expression . . . . Glad to hear he is home and doing well.


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