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13 NOVEMBER 2011

From CraigsList:

Love is an Airedale (kenai peninsula)
Date: 2011-10-31, 1:48PM AKDT

Heading off to basic training for the Army
and need to find home for my loving dog,
as my Dad is no longer to care for her
due to his work. Pepper is 6 yrs old
and housebroke and spayed. She loves
attention and to go for rides.
Will play all day yet content to just
be by your side. She needs a home
without kids as she is clumsy around them.
A single or couple would best suit her needs.
Please email me with information about you
so that I can be sure she is placed in a
permanent and loving home. Thank you.


Jan Williams, of ALASKA AIREDALE RESCUE, writes:

After trying to get this dog for a week,
Pepper was transported late last night to Anchorage from Ninilchik.
I am leaving in a couple of hours to pick her up and bring her here.

The CraigsList photo was taken last summer;
since then, she has lived outside, tied to a doghouse.
It's my understanding that she is a mucky mess.
The ad says she is six, but I have since been told that she is at least eight.
And, what's up with an Airedale being too "clumsy" to be around kids?
That's a new one on me.



Later the same day, Jan writes:

This one has issues, she nailed me; it was just a warning,
but pretty snappy for lightly touching her leg,
and she is peeing blood. She has 10" dreadlocks
hanging off her back end, but I need to get
a muzzle before I try to do anything with her.
The ammonia is so strong, it hurts your eyes.
I am going to try to get her to the vet tomorrow.

Pepper with Michael Cook,
who drove to Ninilchik to pick her up


Poor Pepper. Even with all her issues,
she is a happy, bouncy, sweet girl.


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