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On 29 July 2005, Christine Votel-Sheffer wrote to adthome list:

If there is anyone from near or around México City, please contact me privately. I'm trying to help a three-month-old Airedale puppy.

Two days later, Christine wrote to me:

If we need medical expenses to help Pirata the three-month-old Airedale in México City, could you do a quick website?

The puppy was bitten by a Welsh at one month of age. His leg needs to be amputated and the breeder was going to euthanisize him. A kind-hearted young girl, Adriana Gonzalez took him instead, but she cannot keep him as she is a student.

I've found a network of people willing to help but am not yet sure about the money part. We are trying to get Airedale-savvy vet, Dr. Laura, to give us a second opinion on the situation.

National will pay some and I have had a few people who know offer money. Ricardo Lugo, our México City contact, has offered to pay all the adoption & placement fees, which is a fantastic thing.

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As of 1 August, the following people are assisting in the Rescue & Transport of Pirata:

In México: Adriana Gonzalez, Ricardo Lugo, Alredo del Rey, Roberto Marquez*, Christie Jelen

*(Andréa writes: Whenever I receive a call for Rescue help, I send it to everyone in my address book, on the theory that there is always a chance that someone knows someone who knows someone who can help. In this case, Marilyn Garfield, a cyberfriend in California who shows & breeds Scotties [Top Brass Terriers], had a client in México City whom she contacted, and Roberto became a part of Pirata's Rescue Team. Marilyn's Scotties are on view HERE and HERE. Destiny is Roberto's Scottie from Marilyn.)

In the US: National Airedale Rescue Committee members, Bill Carrier, Andréa Denninger, RuthEllen Hill, Lynn O'Shaughnessy, Barbara Schneider

Here is the update as of the evening of Monday, 1 August, from Christine:

1.  Adriana, who is the guardian of Pirata, has carefully weighed the options and wants him to come to the United States for medical care & adoption. She knows the dog, knows the options, and is acting in Pirata's best interest.

2.  National Airedale Rescue supports this decision and agrees to coordinate Pirata's care when he gets to the United States.

3.  Andréa Denninger will maintain this website of Pirata's journey and work on a fundraiser for his medical care. National Airedale Rescue will pay any additional expenses.

4.  Adriana & her team in México will figure out how to get Pirata from México City to El Paso, Texas. If you are in México and can help please contact Adriana directly by clicking HERE. Alredo del Rey is the newest volunteer from México - thanks! He heard of the story from Rescue supporter Barbara Schneider, who is helping us here in the US.

5.  Bill Carrier will meet them in El Paso and take Pirata. He will keep Pirata until the pup goes to Rusty Lafrance for care & treatment. Rusty will coordinate a second opinion and medical treatment.

6.  Once Pirata's arrival date in the US is set, Rusty will set up transportation to her home. Dorothy Dunn will likely be involved with this.

In conclusion, thank you very much for wanting to help this dear puppy. It makes the world a good place that people are so willing to lend a hand.

Ricardo adds:

I'd like to thank you all for your time and effort. I am sure that Pirata will have a long happy life thanks to you.

Adriana writes:

I have contacted Dr. Laura, so tomorrow morning I'll visit her. Thanks for all your help because without you, this couldn't be possible. Tomorrow after visiting Dr. Laura, I will write to inform you what has happened.

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