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These calendars with Sally Babcock's unique and expressive artwork
will benefit Airedale Rescue all year long.
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Sandi Sprankle & Don Brighenti of ATRA in Ohio write:

In 1998, we received a frantic call from a volunteer for Newfoundland Rescue, leading to the most joyous moments in our lives:


"Help! We just found an Airedale wandering an eight-lane highway near downtown Cleveland. It's almost New Year's Eve, there are over 12" of snow and the temperature is below freezing".

. . . and so we went to pick up this Airedale on a cold & snowy winter night. This Airedale was an older guy and the Newfie (all 120 pounds of him) that was living in the home was just a pup and was pretty wild with a new fuzzy friend in the house.

"Whew! we gotta get this guy out of here". We explained what Rescue did and that we'd find him a forever home of his own. But wait . . . this Airedale was just groomed, he wasn't even dirty and he had a brand new BIG DOG collar on his neck.

HUUUUUMMMM . . . "not your usual Rescue," we commented. So off we went with our new Rescue kid in tow. What should we name him? Well, Cleveland, Ohio was founded by Moses Cleveland, so we thought 'Moses' would work.

After arriving at our house and being introduced to our two Airedales, it was off to the vet in a couple of days. We explained that Moses was a much older Airedale. He already had cataract-covered eyes, his hips could barely get him to stand, so the vet guessed that he was 12 years old at least. But barring the physical disabilities, he was declared otherwise healthy.


Moey acting as lifeguard on Lake Michigan. Don picked him up and carried him to the beach so he could enjoy it with the rest of the family. Moey enjoyed the picnic lunch while the rest of the hounds ate dead, rotten stuff washed up on the beach.


. . . just another day in the lives of ATRA rescue 'dales . . . strolling on the beach! Moses traveled from Key West to northern Maine checking out the best beaches. This is with his brothers Jake & Stoney.

"I can't estimate how much longer this guy will be around, but he sure is a happy one," commented the vet. "Will someone want to adopt this old guy?"

So we pondered what to do next. Perhaps Moses had been lost by a holiday traveler passing by and was out searching for him. So with the help of Annette Hall, for the next two months Moses was listed on many websites, in newspapers, grooming and vet offices all over the country. No one answered any of our pleas.


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